Three quotes, three days – Day 1

uThank you to the lovely She for nominating me… twice.  LOL!  I was also tagged for this by other fellow bloggers.  I can’t remember and I tried looking for the links.  If you tagged me for this please comment and let me know. My sincere apologies for not remembering.  I am really bad with noms and tags.  Anyway, I love quotes. So I’m doing this.

Thank the person who nominated you.

Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day).

Nominate three bloggers each day.

Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite love stories of all time.  It is stormy and passionate in nature and the intensity in which it is written torments me in a delicious way.  Emily Brontë’s  poignant use of language settles you right in the middle of the intense love between the main characters, Heathcliff and Catherine.  I always find myself taking Heathcliff’s side and wanting to shake Catherine to her senses.  Deeply frustrating and wildly satisfying at the same time.

This is one of my favorite quotes from the novel.

See the source image

Oh me… oh my… to be in love this way and from it… die.

I’m nominating:



Ocean Bream









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