The Cynosure of Reverie

Hello Lovelies!  In my crazy attempt to organize this here blog, I have created yet another blog.  LOL.  Yes… I have three blogs. (*laughs out loud*).

I have moved most of my poetry out of fiction and to The Cynosure of ReverieI don’t know how WP does any of this but it seems to work nicely for me.  I think my poetry looks good there.  I am not done and it is harder than I thought it would be.  Not hard but time consuming.  I didn’t realize I had written so much poetry already and I have some in journals yet to share.  A bit overwhelming.  Worth it. Sleep is for the weak!  Anyway… I would appreciate your thoughts on the site’s theme.  I hope you like it.

On that note and in case you missed it, I have a blog where I pretty much talk to myself and you can listen, if you like – Deep in soliloquy.

Thank you so much for visiting this humble corner of my universe.  It means a lot.



Hey… since you’re here, how about some music? LOL!  Any excuse to share music, is a good excuse in my book.  (*winks, blows kiss*)



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