Three quotes, three days – Day 3

Thank you She for tagging me.  Please forgive me if any of you have ever tagged/nominated me for anything and I did not respond in kind.

Charlotte Brontë.  If there is a character that I can relate to the most, it would be Jane Eyre.  It could be me she was writing about.  I am a loner, I have been always.  I have found recently that being this way has led me to know little about friendships and socializing.  I was ever so content being on my own, blissfully unaware of the reality out there.  Naïve… a little, even at my age.  I never hurt anyone and I avoided getting hurt, except with the reality of my life.  I know!  What’s happening Mel?  LOL!  I’m just saying that, Charlotte Brontë, created this incredibly deep and independent woman, talk about feminism, and still… she was lonely and longing and passionately in love.  You can still be you, a loner, maybe prefer it that way, and love changes that.  It creates this ebb and flow of feelings and desires you didn’t know existed.  Your insides burst and heal and burst again.  Love is that strong a character.  For day three I’m sharing three quotes from Jane Eyre.  I’m such a fan of this dark, passionate Cinderella story.  Yes… I know, but I do feel like Jane Eyre is my Cinderella.

See the source image


See the source image

See the source image

(This last quote… my goodness!  Breathe sigh doesn’t cut it.  I strive for this in life and writing.  One day…)

The quote in the middle is especially important to me.  When your heart breaks and you’re frustrated and confused, things come out you didn’t know were in you.  I don’t recognize myself when I am broken.  That’s because I’ve never been broken as deeply as I am now.  I am finding my way back to me, however.  This character conjured up by Charlotte is a reminder, that I can get there.  I just have to keep going.

“Life is a journey that doesn’t wait for you to pick up the pieces of your broken self.”

Mel Gutiér

I’m tagging all of you to share your favorite quotes.












32 thoughts on “Three quotes, three days – Day 3

  1. You are right, things come out from us when our heart brakes. But you are not broken and things will come out from this pain that you feel… Beautiful things. You have to hang on to this belief. Sending a big hug your way.

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    1. OMG! Thank you. You are lovely for your words! JE is my heroine! The love story… 😍😍😍😍

      CB’s narrative kills me! I can only hope to glimpse at that type of writing.

      Hugs and much love to you! 😊😍😘

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  2. Dearest Mel- you are pure love and soon will have it in your life again . So grateful there are romantics like you still here in the world , and universe for sure will send you the right souls that you wish to attract . Unfortunately , we would not recognize then without a struggle and self growth . All will be well . Wish I could hug you , and sending you virtual positive energy and well wishes . Btw – love JE. Cried my eyes out when I was a teen ….

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