Dreamy state of things – A labyrinth

Good old days!

Fiction in My Head

Am I working towards something? Some grand scale of a closing? Umm… Nope. Just trying to stay afloat. Working towards that goal… elusive as it may seem. Life far too real for wear and it tears me apart. I put myself back together, just like that! I’m a little not in order of appearance you know. But I know. Yep… I know. What about the ellipsis that just happen to ellipse? They just do. Don’t ask! Those have powers of their own. You know like Superman! Meh… Iron Man is the best. Hey! I’m talking to you too you know! Come here and give us a kiss? Who’s us? You know who you are! Hahahahaha! Yeah, sure do. What about the freaking sleepy drought. LOL. I know. The drought that rains when it pours. Heh, heh, heh, heh. Ha! It really does drown in that. But listen what! What? Umm……

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