Love letter to the future

Remembering nice things from my hundred days. Changed the song though. This song is so sweet. It fits. Hope you enjoy it.

Fiction in My Head

Dearest Long Lost Love,

What do you want from me?  You there in the corner looking at me with those hazel eyes.  They’re so nice and tender, loving.  I love those eyes.  Looking back at me like there is something missing.  I’d be crazy if I said you meant nothing to me.  Because you mean everything to me.  You are like the ray of sunshine after the rain, the breath after you’ve been holding it for a while.  You’re like those tiny little bites before a meal, fueling the hunger inside.  You’re the after taste of a delicious meal, leaving you in want mode, craving dessert.  I’m lost in that gaze.

What do you want?  You want my blood?  You want me?  I’ll take that as a yes.  But… you’re not a vampire.  I’m not a meal.  LOL.  I’m a fraction of you, a piece of Heaven, the love letter…

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