Music Monday/Prompt – Favorite color is blue and flash fiction

This meme was created by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. Pick a song that you really like and share it on Monday.

musicmondayOkay.  I’m tweaking Music Mondays to fit me.  I will be writing a flash fiction piece using the song I like as a prompt.  Big surprise!  I just realized how I have always been doing that.  LOL.  I wasn’t calling it a prompt, though, cause… eek!  The only rule I have for this is to keep it to no more than 500 words.  I’m so not into the pithy as I keep wanting to give too many details.  However, I might not do pithy that often,  but it is good practice. I agree.  Anyway… I am happy to report that when I looked over to the lower left corner of my computer screen, I was elated!!  500 words exactly.  Yay!

This song is by Robert DeLong.  This young man is so creative in his approach to music and he does it with so much passion.  Great performer.  This song also features K. Flay.  Love this gal so much and she gives this a lovely softness.  This song is a like little piece of heaven to me.  ‘Cause… dancing and “blue”.  (*winks… blows y’all a kiss*)

Hugs and happy Monday!

The cat walk is quietly lined with flashes of light, dubstep and open mouths.  My ears are fucking plugged. I’m thinking about her. The things she said to me before she left me… Before she fucking tore my heart to shreds. What the fuck!

“You’re self-absorbed. There is no room in here for me. You’ve squeezed me out. I’m sorry Dylan. I can’t be here in this us, all on my own.”

That’s what she said. It wasn’t funny, sexy or… false. It caught me off guard and I had no idea that she could do that to me. I was a god. Was. What am I doing here? She’s… right? I’m smiling, smoldering looking beyond the bright. I can’t… swallow the fucking tears back. She did this? She’s making me feel this? What… I’m not familiar with these feelings. I was not prepared for what to do.

“What the fuck are you saying!”

“I’m saying goodbye.”


“See… that’s why. You didn’t even notice, I’ve been gone for two days. You just always expect me to… You know… No! If this needs explanation, I’m right to end this. You get your act together in the real world and if you’re still interested, look me up. You know how to reach me.”

Mother fucker! What the hell! She walked out. She walked out wearing my heart’s blood splattered all over her. Me? I was a fucking mute. What the hell could I have said… I… damn it!

“Dylan? What is going on with you? You know how important this show is to Micah. There are people out there excited about this line. Now get yourself in the mood or whatever the fuck it is you do to get the sexy on. Alice get this guy a drink and ready for the next walk out!”

I feel like curling up into the fetus position. Can’t open my fucking mouth because she… What is she? What was she to me? My heart… Jesus! Am I… am I in love with her? Fuck!

“Dylan, whatever you’re going through, put it aside. This is important work you’re doing. Concentrate. You’re up three more outfits. We need this body out there. That face… we need you.”

I can’t hear Alice. My ears are still plugged with the voice of her pointing the finger at me. What about her? Her! Thinking now I… she was so sweet to me. Loving. Fuck!

“OMG! Dylan? Are you crying?”

“Fuck off Alice!”


“I’m out of here!”

“You can’t!”

“Oh yeah? Watch me, bitch!”

I’m walking out of this fucking fantasy world. Enchanting little fuck of a life. People eyeing me, bossing me around, fucking telling me to smile when I don’t want to. Fuck them all. The flashes, the fake smiles, the fake parties with fake people. Fuck all that shit. She made everything real to me. She was my reality.  She kept me grounded and that’s why… that’s why I… I’m in love with her.

©  2018 Mel Gutiér

20 thoughts on “Music Monday/Prompt – Favorite color is blue and flash fiction

  1. Get it all out, Mel. The more the marrier. Its so cathartic and you know what? The person who will appreciate everything about you, without complaints and wishes of changing your little quorks is looking for you, too.

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