The Black Apple: A Yuffie Collaboration

Organizing the blog and finding some posts I really like and some I’m like… What was I thinking!! This, however, is one of my favorite things I’ve done on the Fiction. I had so much fun after I got over the anxiety. LOL! Confession… I had anxiety all the way to the end. Why? I happen to admire Little Fears a great deal. He is dedicated and hard working and just plain brilliant! In the end I had so much fun and I was so honored he thought me capable to the task. Seriously! It was amazing to have experienced this.

Thanks Pete! You’ve always had my back and I appreciate you!

Fiction in My Head


Image: Courtesy of Little Fears

“I really do think we’ve been going in circles Hydra.”

“Oh no… we’ve not. See this?”

“The red ribbon you tide to that tree a while ago?”

“Yes! We’re not going in circles! We’ve just found our way back!”

“Oh… you make sense actually. Good then… but I do think the circular path we’ve been traveling doesn’t end or quite purposefully it begins and then we have to start over.”


“Yes. Quite the contrary if it does end and we have to walk backwards then… Oh aaahhhh…”

“Yuffie… that apple is black and shiny.”

“I do so love it. Ooohhh… so darling the black apple.”

“Mesmerizing. How are we to reach it?

“Hmm… you’re nice and long. Climb on top of me. We’ll reach it together. I want that apple. It’s calling my name. I feel it.”

“Alright then. I suppose I could. But……

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