Flopping in the River

I found this to be a lovely read. Something really nice from a lovely young man working his way into bigger things. I wanted to share.

Weird Shit with Alex


Gather ’round and let me tell you about the time Old Man River beat me up and stole my shoes.

The setting: Colorado, a small plot of cabins outside Estes Park. It was both my first trip and the first time that the whole family went together and Dad had rented a nice cabin in a small development of cabins set back from the road among the pine forests that hugged the roadside. A long line of small homes ran a good length down the road starting from the entrance to the cabins with a small, shallow river separating one from the other.

I love rivers, especially when they’re clear, cold, and full of stones and delightfully slimy things like salamanders and fish. Every day I would spend at least a little time walking along the edge or venturing out onto the larger rocks that sat among the gentle rapids…

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