What the freak is going on here?

Hello lovelies!!  I’m a bit perplexed. I clicked on myself.  (I know… that sounded weird.  Just roll with it! (In case you’re wondering, this is a sleepy post.  ‘Cause I’m sleepy but can’t sleep.))  Parentheticals… who knew! Ha!! Anywhoowhoowhyyyeee… does the reader and the stats page show a different number followers than what is on the blog website?

Just looky here these images and tell me what you see!!  Tell me!  I’m not bossing you around.  I’m just… you know… asking… politely. TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE!!!! Ha!






Stats Page  Followers3

I feel like WP is manipulating something so that my blog looks impressive… but not.  ‘Cause… come on!  761?  WTF!  1000… that’s a number!  761? Noooooooo!  Now, it is not that I want or need more followers (Please don’t forget to follow!)… I just feel a little out of the loop.  Is there a grand scheme?  Am I missing something? I show no email followers.  I know I have been spammed.  Was it spam followers or the ghosts of followers past?  Scrooge that!  I mean… there could be some ghosts lurking around.  WP has been here since when?  I don’t know and I’m not googling it.  All I know is that this is quite confusing!  I can’t say how much right now because I’m tired and I just needed to write something up.  Blah, blah, blah, blah…. I love all my followers… I do… all 463 followers, friends and family memberships included with the purchase of a ticket or straight jacket.  Just saying… you know… in case… you know… you need a straight jacket to go with that straight face because this is weird stuff happening up in my fiction head.

Email followers?


Waw, waw, waw… (*sad faces into palm*).  No but… seriously.  Anyone know what is going on here?  WHAT IS HAPPENING!



21 thoughts on “What the freak is going on here?

  1. How bizarre. Maybe WordPress likes you so much it has assigned you a few more random followers. Perhaps WP has gone senile and that is why community post etc has been abandoned. Who knows! At least the numbers fell in the right direction!

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  2. Yep, it includes your Facebook and Twitter followers. Any social media site you have connected to your blog 😊 I found that out when I disconnected a blog from one of those sites and my follower count plummeted and I’d wondered what the hell I’d posted to piss so many people off 😂 I re-connected everything, and my follower count was restored 👍🏼💓

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      1. Hi Mel! I find that interesting too 😮. I think WP only counts them as reader stats if they actually visit. But they’ll count them as social media followers. It’s really weird. I’m not sure why they do it that way 🤔. I think they want to boost the follower count, but they’ll be honest with you about how many are actually reading 🌺

        I’ve been well, thank you! Busy as hell (which is the only reason you haven’t seen me more, because I really like you and your blog!). I’ve begun a Masters program which is kicking my butt a little 😂. Not bad, but work-intensive, and time too. But it’s all good 👍🏼😁

        Oh, and we have kittens! 2 of them, so 3 felines total now. They keep us pretty busy lol 😉

        How’ve you been? 💜


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