The Dance Continued

One of my early flash fiction pieces. A bit of a latin flavor. Hope you like it.

Fiction in My Head

He looked for her through the crowd, through the jungle that took over the dance floor. Girls stopped him, smiling, alluring but… where was she? They had spoken only for a while that morning. The coffee shop had been packed but they had caught each other’s eye from across the latte orders and the warm pastries. She, however, was sipping on tea and laughing with friends. Tea? He was a straight black coffee. Tea was a joke.

“It’s calming. I like the calm.”

“Oh. When you put it that way, it’s…” He lingered like a little boy anticipating the next movement of her lips. He was smitten and her lovely face distorted his reality.


“So… you like tea.” He said with a serious tone.

“Among other things.” She said giggling.


“What’s your name straight black coffee drinker.”

“Um… Ricardo.”

“Ricardo… Spanish.”

“Kind of. I’m mixed up. My Mother…

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