Music Monday/Prompt – Desire(Me Tienes Loquita)

This meme was created by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. Pick a song that you really like and share it on Monday.

musicmondayReady for this?  Didn’t think about it.  Just listened to the song and… stuff came out.  I love the Spanglish mixed up music.  Paulina Rubio!  She’s an oldie but a goody.  Still sexy as ever.  I have several songs of hers I like.  I’m a sucker for a dance song, though.  This one is fun and sexy, sweet and delicious.  Okay!  500 words or less!!  Let’s do this! (Please forgive the lack of accents in the Spanish and the lack of translation.  You’ll get the gist.  I hope.)

Hugs and happy Monday!

I’m not going to lie… because… oh man, you’re delicious looking. My mouth waters and my head spins at the sight of you. Loco! Me tienes loca! I want to do steamy delicious things to you and then have you for dessert. I feel my senses reeling from this, sexy you, strutting yourself towards me. I’m envious of my imagination because there, you are taking me places I’ve never been before. Hay papi! My body wants to play with your mouth. My hands want to bathe you slowly until I’ve deciphered the essence of you. Tu cuerpo, mi cuerpo… llename de besitos querido! Amor! Te quiero in the worse way. Yes! Tomame in your arms. Mueveme softly and deliciously. Tengo mucho calor… ardor. I desire you in the morning, crave you in the afternoon and finish you in the evening to collapse on you all through the night, over and over again. Mi amor, I’m eternally yours.

Move me, sway me, eat me, besame, baby! Dancing contigo is best when we’re dancing en la cama, haciendo el amor until the morning. Hasme tuya! I give you my todo! En cambio please give me… mmm… can’t say what I want. Ven! Let me show you. Oh… mmm… yes! Hold me like that. Hay papi! Me gusta bailar with you. I’m your slave for life, amor de mis amores, delicia de la vida. Como me encantas, guapo! Undressing me with your thoughts feels good because te adoro asi, dulce y savage at the same time. Yummy on my lips! Fill me with besitos until you make me yours with your…


“Si Ma’”

“What are you doing?”

“I was just writing…”

“Oh, you and your journal. When will you learn to stop day dreaming! Nothing will ever come of that. Now, put that away and help your Father load the food truck. Today we’re going to the beach. First day of summer. We’ll sell lots today.”

Frown. I’m not going to work with the food truck the rest of my life. No way! Why does everyone have to rag on me! I can dream if I want to, dream until it comes true and until… Luke?

“Hey Mari.”

He’s so hot. Swallowing nerves.

“Hey.  What are you doing here?”

“Thought I’d help out with the food truck today.”

“Oh… you’re off of school.”

“Yeah. Summer silly.”

“Right. Ummm…”

“What’s that?”

“Nothing… just writing silly stuff.”

“Can I see?”

“No, it’s just…”

Don’t take the journal! No!

“Luke, please. It’s nothing.”

Crap! Tragame tierra! Why does he have to be so good looking! I’m such a dork!

“Wow! Mari… I didn’t understand half of that – but that’s some steamy stuff.”

“Is that good or bad?”

“Let me put it to you this way. If you write it, I’ll read it.”

Does he have to look so sexy when he winks! Damn! Don’t lose it! Stay calm. Okay! I’m so in love.  Food truck by the beach with Luke? Yes!


©  2018 Mel Gutiér

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