Blogging from my phone, Twitter and the Salem Verse Prompts

Hello my lovelies!  Just sorting some stuff out and sharing that posting from my phone is tricky!  The WP app does not let me do what I can do on my laptop.  Frustrating.  I tried to post a “press this” and ended up posting it on the wrong blog.  Dammit! But here is the post that I wanted to share.  I’m not sure what “press this” does or what it’s for.  Do you? I just wanted to share the latest thing from participating in the #SalemVerse (Twitter) prompts.  It didn’t work out.  Why?  Because I have three blogs and have no idea what I’m doing when I’m blogging from my phone.  I ended up deleting the very post I was trying to share. LOL! Anyway, I write up the verse on Twitter and a few days later I’ll posted to Cynosure of Reverie.  Sometimes I’ll tweak it and sometimes it is as originally posted on Twitter.

The Salem Verse prompts are hosted by A not so jaded life you can look her up on Twitter @itsamberjayde and @SalemVerse for the prompts.  I’m a HUGE fan of hers.  Having so much fun there!

That’s all.  Hugs!

Happy Friday!  Here is a song because… just because!  I love this song!



22 thoughts on “Blogging from my phone, Twitter and the Salem Verse Prompts

      1. Me neither. My fingers are not big but typing is a pain on a phone. Goodness knows how some guys with big sausage-fingers use them. Or maybe this is why smartphones are usually seen in the hands of females? It is not because they are more sociable and have more friends – it is because only they can type on the dratted things:)

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      2. This made me laugh out loud! The keyboard IS too small. But some are smart. My keyboard is just plain stupid. I’m surprised it’s not acting up right now. For the life of me, I can only use one finger to type on it. I can’t use the thumb! How are people doing that? My right forefinger is the hardest working typist on the planet! 😄


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