An entry in the diary of a broken heart

I didn’t know what his return meant. I wondered whether he would take me again like he used to. Would he undresss me first, with his eyes, then with the strength of his hands? Would he kiss my cheek and linger there until I surrendered my mouth? My body reacted to the sound of his voice as if my life depended on it. Perhaps it did. Was his voice the key to my existence? It felt like it. I became unhinged when his fingers played me descretely under the covers. His tongue brought me back to life and his fever spread over me like sweet embers scarring the night. Then when my breath became inebriated with the dulcet tones of his perfume, he left me. I grew mad and raged like a wild bird under water. I suffocated on the emptiness he birthed with his parting. The blood from my tears drenched my face until crimson came to life in vivid violence. I could not move from my corner. A fetus replaced me, nourished with the milk of a broken heart. The torment continued until I could no longer see the difference between day and night. My life had blurred into an oblivion of pity and self destruction. I was sealed with cold wet clay, the mold that kept me fixed on the veins of pain. Then… he came back. He came back and broke the dry decaying clay until I was set free. My heart opened with his embrace. My thighs exulted in his tender kisses and I danced under the pressure of his affection. I didn’t know what it meant though, his return. I didn’t know it meant him leaving me once again. I didn’t know that his renewed abandonment would cage me up like a wild animal, confused and hungry.  I didn’t know it meant a lifetime of imprisonment.

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

Hello my lovelies! This piece was inspired by A Not So Jaded Life. You must go over and check her talent out. I am reeling over her pithy poignant writes. She’s amazing!

Well, I received the prompt, imprisonment, from this talented young woman weeks ago. It was way over due. Tonight or morning, finally, I was inspired to complete it. No music for this, only the voice of her encouraging words in my head.  (This may be the beginning of something, else.  We shall see.)

A, thanks so much for your support and for sharing your precious time.  It has meant a great deal to me.

33 thoughts on “An entry in the diary of a broken heart

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I do believe that all forms of emotion, crave to be expelled in some form of art. Love is powerful and so to is the loss of that love.

      I agree. Hugs! Thank you so much for your visit and welcome to fiction in my head.


  1. Bitter sweet , a tale of torments .
    It saddens me to think that words spring forth easier than solutions to life’s problems, but the nature of the beast is that we cannot always walk within the light , dark valleys have to be endured ( virtual hug little sis )

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    1. No!!! Not at all. Thank you so much! I usually write late at night and go back through things later. That you think it is beautiful? Wow! Coming from you! Gracias.

      Scroll through… If you missed a couple of posts. Per our previous conversation, there are two with Latin flavor. 😉 Dance continued and last Music Monday post.

      Let me know what you think. 😊

      Have a great day. And you pointing that out… thank you. Means a lot.

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      1. Yeah, I am behind in my blog reading, I will search for them. Looking forward to reading, You are a wonderful writer.

        Amiga, tenía miedo de ofenderte. Me siento mejor ahora. Encontraré las otras publicaciones y dejaré mis comentarios.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Gracias. De ninguna manera me ofendistes. Fue lo contrario. Lo que hiciste fue lo que haria un buen amigo. Eres digno de mi amistad.

        Aqui tendras tu amiga, siempre. 😊


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