Coat of Remembrance – a collaboration

This was an inspired collaborative effort with Novus Lectio.  I have to say it was effortless and so much fun.  I love this gal!  She is sweet and unique and multitalented.  She makes you think, inspires you, entertains you, causes a bit of a ruckus (*wink*). LOL! In the end, she is just wonderful.  I was so pleased to work with her.  Me thinks it ended up being quite lovely.  Hope you’ll agree.

A long fluffy coat
Keeps you warm
In those hard cold
Winters away from home

A long fluffy coat
Embraces you softly
So you won’t forget me
When lonely hits you hard

A long fluffy coat
For which we hunted
In those hot days
Of remembrance

A long fluffy coat
Tenderly soothing your skin
Like my love’s warmth
When you used to call me yours

A long fluffy coat
Which I smell every time
I go to the wardrobe
And keep thinking of you

A long fluffy coat
Serving as my shelter
Reminder of your arms
That once kept me safe

A long fluffy coat
Where I shed my tears
As I long for your return
But hardly I can believe

A long fluffy coat
That we used to share
Our love was that strong
We only needed one

A long fluffy coat
That was once your joy
And you wore it with pride
What made you change?

A long fluffy coat
Alone without you
You were the light
You made it function

A long fluffy coat
That brought us
Memories and warmth
Till the day we parted

​A long fluffy coat
Hangs lonesome and cold
No longer shared
No longer mine

© 2018 Novus Lectio and Mel Gutiér

39 thoughts on “Coat of Remembrance – a collaboration

      1. I like you. You’re always pleasant to me. 😁

        There isn’t much you can do. I’m going to like you even if you throw mud at me. Even if you throw some whip cream to my face and body slam me on a bed of nails. I’ll still like ya! 😀

        💕 One if these days the pain will go away and the happy will stay. I’m rooting for you


      2. Hmm… totally works for me… ♥ Hold down alt, hit 3, let go. ♥ It works if I use the 3 on the number pad on the right of my keyboard but not the 3 up above the letters. I didn’t know that until just now… LOL

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      3. 1/ i believe that when we’re in a bad situation, if there is no door to escape; there is always a window.
        So there MUST be something you can do, it’s just that you don’t see it yet.
        2/ Yeah i know the back pain, it can discourage anyone. Yet you must fight for what you want and what is right! I know someone here in WP who has a knee problem, she suffers from it yet she fights and fights everyday to do what she must do. So…. Do it! You can do it.

        If you want to speak about your problems, maybe i cam help you can contact me by the contact m on my blog 💖

        Liked by 2 people

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