Sunday afternoon dancing in pajamas

It’s Sunday and it has been a very laid back day so far.  Feeling very relaxed and happy.  Just an overall good feeling.  One of my favorite things to do when I’m happy and when I’m not… is dance in my pajamas.  LOL! It helps me let off steam and gets my creative juices flowing.   I’m feeling very inspired today.  Happy… very much so!  I’ma be writing and dancing the rest of the day.  You?

I’m in a Latina sort of mood so here is a favorite of mine.

28 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon dancing in pajamas

    1. Lol! I will! I’m sorry you’re feeling under the weather! I hate head colds! I beat those into submission with vitamin Cs in my kale drink. I also take lots if ginger! Man! I’m on that! (*Dances for Luda*) not too sensual of course. 😉

      Feel better sweetie! 😘

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      1. I definitely do a lot of jumping! I’m actually doing some yoga right now. Have some music with ocean sounds. I have been extremely busy and life stuff. I needed a day like this. Just all about me.

        Hugs! Hope you recover quickly! 😘💕💞💕

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  1. You are an amazingly blithe spirit. I love the idea of a person dancing in pajamas, which usually means one is alone and comfortable in their own skin. As for me, I am in a very nice place in Montreal, putting a jarring experience in the rear view and getting business done, tomorrow, along those lines.

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