Party for Sandra

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I have gotten to know Sandra fairly quickly over the past few weeks. I feel I’ve known her for a long time though.  A lot of what she writes about resonates with me, especially the music.  I am so happy to have found her.  From music, fiction, poetry, art and just life in general she will definitely touch on something that affects me in one way or another.  I can relate.  She is amazing, although she may not agree.  She is.  Visit her blog and find out what she thinks.  She has made me tear up and laugh at the same time.  She’s real and that is one of the things I love most about her.  She is also wonderful at creations. Just take a look at what she makes here.  Multitalented!

Okay… a party needs music.  I was pleasantly surprised to find she likes a lot of the same music I do.  I’m going back in time for this party.  I hope I hit home on some of these. I’m posting lots!  LOL!  Hey! It’s a party.  (Maybe I like these songs a little too much but I hope you like them too Sandra!  LOL!)

Gotta do Come on Eileen!

Okay… I’m partial to this next one but I hope you like it too Sandra.

Sandra, thank you for sharing your light.  Thank you for allowing me to barge in on your life, like I have.  You’ve been very kind and I am grateful.  I’m so glad to know you.  I hope you have a lovely day and that all your wishes come true because you deserve it more than anyone!  Hugs lovely.  I hope you liked these songs and I am sending you my love and lots of hugs today!  Wishing that you are not hurting, but smiling.  Wishing that you are dreaming still.  Wishing you peace and lots of goodness!

This song is especially for you sweetie.  Taking a chance that you will like it.  I heard it yesterday and it made me think of you.  Happy Birthday!



16 thoughts on “Party for Sandra

    1. Lol! Apparently it still sucked! 😅😅😅 But she’s a trooper. Wish she was pain free. I think that is the main reason it sucked. I think she was a little happy. 😁 I’m glad you like the songs! I love having music connections with friends. Music!😍😍😍

      Hugs to you! I hope you’re doing well!

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    1. Well you and Beckie really touch me. You especially. I feel connected. And when you keep saying it is the dreaded bday! No way sister! Pajama all nighter! Lol! Even from far away. It’s fun for me and hopefully it put a smile on your face. At least for a while. It is all the time we have… a while. Might as well enjoy that while a little bit.

      Hugs and kisses. You know… I don’t have to do anything at all… but life is more interesting and fulfilling when I do. You’re worth celebrating even if you don’t think so. I think so! 😉😍😘

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    2. Are you having a good day? I really hope so! I’m so glad you liked the songs. Wish we could have been in an all nighter talking about Morrissey. 😍 then eating burger’s and shakes and stuff. That would be great fun. Maybe arranged at some point. Lol! Wet can dream. 😉

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      1. I got some not-great news about my back pain treatment so that has kind of ruined my day already. 🙁 I don’t think I’m ever going to get good news about that. Seems that I will most likely just be in pain forever.

        An all nighter would be fun… but I might fall asleep. lol

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