Violet – All at once (Introduction)

Violet stood at the foot of her bed looking around her room.  She would leave here soon and she didn’t feel she could do it.  It would be the end of her.  She felt she would die as soon as she set foot outside the door.  No way would she survive.  No way.  She walked towards her bedroom window and saw Dad take out the garbage.  She tugged at her long brown hair with one solitary finger.  She twirled the strand around it as her big brown eyes looked out in silence.  It was cloudy and the only pleasant thing about the day.  Dad was taking empty boxes out of the truck for the move.  It wasn’t for two weeks yet, but still.  This was so finite to her.  It filled her head with such sad thoughts.  Oh Violet.  You’ll be fine, dear.  She told herself.  One tear left her melancholy left eye.  For some reason that eye always cried first.  Violet… breathe in and breathe out.  She let it all out in one song.  She played it loud and at the expense of reluctant bothered ears.  She didn’t care if it disturbed the neighbors either.  She blasted it until she bled internally into the universe!  She did not want to leave and this was her protest!

©2018 Mel Gutiér

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(Song lyrics – not my words)

We were born without time
Nameless in the arms of a mother, a father and a God
When the world waits for us a thousand years in the crush
Of our eyes fearless in awe
Quietly we’d fade in to sleep
With nothing on our minds

Then we love to be loved
In the rush we become
Some things we thought we’d never be
We were surprised by our how hard
Left weary and scared
By the nights, spent feeling incomplete
And all those evenings swearing at the sky
Wishing for one more time
All the promises we broke when we tried
Just wasting all our time

We get old all at once
And it comes like a punch
In the gut, in the back, in the face
When it seems someone’s lied
And our parents have died
Then we hold to each other in their place
And I feel the water rising around us
Maybe that’s okay
Yeah I feel the world changing, all at once
I guess it will be okay

When we all had one hope
There was someone looking down
To return our bodies to each other
And the ground


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