Song inspired prompt (SIP?)

Hello lovelies!  I hope you are all having a lovely day!  I am having a weird day.  I can’t really explain it except that I’m having giggle fits.  I don’t know why.  I think it stems from overcoming shyness and anxiety.  Yeah… I get a bit anxious sometimes.  I do.  Which brings me to this post.  In an effort to continue the prompt thing, overcoming and getting better at doing these “monsters”, I got this bright idea.  LOL!  I listen to music constantly.  I know.  Big surprise!  (*rolls eyes*)  I am deeply affected by music.  It is a huge part of my life, my go to for everything.  Prompts too!

I’m challenging you all, if you want, to write something up drawing inspiration from a song/video .  Link back to this post.  I will check yours out and probably write one of my own.  No rules.  I dislike those somewhat.  It can be a poem, prose, narrative, dialogue… anything, even nonfiction.  It could be that the song reminds you of something you’d like to recount.  Anything.  I’m debating on whether or not to do this weekly and declare a winner.  Not sure yet.   Let’s just get this one (SIP?) done.   Hugs and lots of love!

I’m so excited to read everyone’s work!! (*jumps up and down in a giggle fit*)

I’ve been listening to this a lot today.  Ready?  Set?  Go!



20 thoughts on “Song inspired prompt (SIP?)

  1. Another one for you Mel, This song by Sean Rowe, “The Lonely Maze” was the pure inspiration behind my poem “Where’s That Dream”, I played the song over and over until I’d finished writing the poem.
    Where’s That Dream

    I’ve seen the universe, through to the stars beyond.
    There’s a deep darkness, she’s gone, she’s gone.
    I saw her smile, crack from the pain.
    There was a sorrow, she caught it tomorrow.

    I’ve seen the moon, through the burning sun.
    Where’s that planet, she’s walking on.
    I saw her eyes, crying tears of sand.
    Where’s that beach, she’s lying on.

    I’ve seen the ocean, through the broken coral.
    Where’s that ship, she’s sailing on
    I saw her body, serene and frail.
    Where the ashes, she’s covered in.

    I’ve seen the earth open up, swallowing the multitude whole.
    Where’s that chasm, she’s falling through.
    I saw her gentle soul, disappear out of sight.
    Where’s that secret heaven, she’s flying to.

    I’ve seen the land, go through violent storms.
    Where’s the winds of time, she’s spread upon.
    I saw her heart, her love, for all of you, and I.
    Where’s that dream, she’s left us to find.

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  2. I think this song was inspired by my poem (Hehe coincidence I Think)

    What Can I Do

    What am I expected to do
    When is so much, too much to do
    Why am I so scared, what can I do
    What is the future, for me and for you

    How will I say, I’m too tired for you
    When is the day, to tell you
    Will I hurt too much, to be without you
    How will I know, when the time’s due

    Why is it so, what can I do
    Where is the place, I’m putting you
    Why am I frightened, no, no, not easy to do
    When I finally have to, and don’t want to

    Who am I, to have this over you
    What is the answer, for me and for you
    Now or never, could that be true
    How by myself, I’ll never be able to

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  3. I have written entire stories based on songs. Three of them, in fact.

    I often find prompts difficult, though. I find that a song randomly speaks to me… but I have trouble searching for inspiration. It just has to happen…

    Anyway… I like this idea. Not sure I can do it… but I like it. 🙂

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