Violet 3 – Michael’s Song

Michael walked into his room with his heart exploding and his eyes irritated with sadness. He swallowed a few tears back as he lay on his bed staring at the wall on his side of Violet’s prison. He could hear her rummaging, no… desperately and boisterously cleaning the breakfast off the floor in her room. He remembered their childhood. The games played and the food fights in the kitchen, while Mom prepared breakfast. He remembered her smile like warmth after a dip in the pool. The sun lending fresh heat on his face, her hand holding his as they relished bites of watermelon from the same bowl. Little hands laughing the sweet juice into submission in their mouths. It made him smile as his big brown eyes gleamed. He sighed into forever thoughts living in the past of a happiness he longed to have with her. How does one go from happiness to perpetual sadness in welcome permanence? How do you do it Violet? He certainly couldn’t. How could they have lived the same thread, same path and now be so different? He turned on his side and the tear that lay dormant on his right eye, swam down his face, free to thrive along with his melancholy. Why not? It couldn’t get any worse. Just cry Michael. It’s okay to cry. He did. He could feel her breath in his heart and with each tear that escaped him, his veins ached blood throughout his body, boiling the edge of despair like frozen chards of glass through his skin. It cut him deeply and though he knew he would be better off, he couldn’t unlink. He couldn’t leave his heart behind. His hand reluctantly slipped over his night stand taking his buzzing phone, shaking hope.


“Michael? Are you okay? I just wanted to…”

“It didn’t work Luna. She’s worse now.”

“I’m sorry Michael. Bad idea. I’m sorry I made you do that.”

Luna’s voice trembled empathy through the connection. She cried in soft breath so as not to let on. She loved him so.

“I don’t understand why I can’t get through to her. I can feel her, you know? I can sense her fears and sadness.”

Silence filled Michael’s right ear with a hesitation unlike Luna’s spirited voice.

“Luna? What’s wrong?”

“I love you… Michael.”

Silence exploded now. Resonant feelings lingered through unfamiliar words. Michael’s mouth opened just enough to wake his melancholy into a soft shock. He swallowed and sat up walking heavy sighs between his belly and his throat.

“Luna… I…”

“It’s okay, Michael. You don’t have to say anything. I just couldn’t keep it in any longer.”

“Keep it in? You…”

“I’ve loved you for the longest time. I’ve been wanting to tell you forever. I wanted to tell you last night but… George…”

“Luna… ummm…”

“Michael… I shouldn’t have said anything.”

Silence spoke again, causing Luna to grow a lump in her throat. It traveled quickly to the pit of her stomach, origami butterflies burning internal chaos. Her crystal blue eyes danced a tender water ballet begging through the digital prison. She swallowed as Michael struggled to find his words. The pain she felt, grew wild in her mind and the silence evolved into a powerful click that made Michael gasp for breath. He stared at the phone, unable to utter… to utter. He locked a fist around it and fell back on the bed. He stared at the ceiling fighting his desire against his reality.  His loss for words engraved on the thoughts that held him captive.  He was slowly losing himself in the eye of a stormy future he couldn’t seem to live without, Violet’s noise holding him back.

©2018 Mel Gutiér

Violet – All at once (introduction)

Violet 1 – Clash

Violet 2 – Connection

I Know How To Speak (lyrics, not my words)

I know how to speak
And I know where I’m going
I wanted to seek
But I got distracted

It’s a mirage
One that leaves me embarrassed
Because no one knows me like you
You know there’s nothing left for you
So I continually move
Try to pass it through for ya
Cuz I bore ya

Asked about pain
It’s timeless and honest
So let go of your shame
It’s a dead dampened blanket
It’s a facade
Back and look at your training

There’s nobody else like you
I think I finally explained it
I continue to move
Between the bank and the blanket
Don’t fake it

I really am gonna try this time
Gonna give you my heart in spite of my soul
I really am gonna try this time
Gonna give you my heart in spite of my soul

I want your name
Burnt in my ceiling
Floats like a flame
In unpredictable reminder
You gave it all hope
That all of this is a circle

There’s nobody else like you
So many that came before ya
This is the moment I choose
Between the hope and the hottest
So be honest

I’m really gonna try this time
Gonna give you my heart
In spite of my soul


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