Violet – Dancing with Michael (an in between)

Violet danced into a fever.  Her hair became soaked in the moisture of her bouncing chaos.  She had ransacked the place after what Michael put her through.  Surely she was going crazy now.  She wasn’t before, but now she was crazy.  No.  You’re not crazy VioletYou’re just happy.  The loud music woke Henry up and he rushed out to find Michael dancing in the hallway in front of Violet’s room.

“What the hell!  Michael!”

“Hey Dad!”

“What the hell is going on here!”

“Violet is getting her guitar fix!”

Henry stared at his son.  This hadn’t happened in a long time.  Michael and Violet.  Helen appeared next to Henry.  She smiled at the joyful noise.  The music was loud and chaotic but there was solace in this bonding journey.  Behind the door was a wild chaotic Violet.  She spun around the room like a fairy in the twilight of a witching hour.  Tiny beads of sweat caressing her face then gliding, glistening as if to cleanse her all the way to her chest.  Her night shirt soaked into submission.  Nothing gave her greater pleasure than the noise in her head drowning in the quicksand of a loud guitar blasting the four walls of her haven.  Michael was only too happy to join her.  She could hear him moving right by the door.  She smiled staring at it, imagining Michael.  Henry couldn’t say much else.  Helen took his arm and guided him back to the bedroom.  As the song ended, a breathless Violet walked slowly to the door placing her right hand on it.  Michael’s breath matched hers and he walked over mimicking his sister’s pose.

“I love you Michael.”

“I love you Violet.”

Violet smiled the comfort out.  Michael swallowed his smile in agreement.  It was the walk back to his room that ached.  The broken was becoming unbroken and he longed to embrace her.  Such thoughts invaded her breath.  She was no match for herself.  She cried feeling the scream in her heart as she collapsed on the bed.  She couldn’t help the tears.  They were her fiercest companions, crooning the perpetual smile Michael had gifted her tonight.  The ache is sweeter when shared, isn’t it Violet?

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

29 thoughts on “Violet – Dancing with Michael (an in between)

    1. Lovely lady! Your visits do me so much good. I want you to know that I have genuine affection for you. I owe you an email and so much more. Hugs! No worries. But I do worry about you. I am still making plans to get me a Linda hug! 😉

      And I am thrilled you like this. I am hoping once I am done, it will be published officially as novel. Movie, perhaps. Why not! Muuaah!

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      1. You are such a sweet thing! I really do like Violet and Michael. I am looking forward to getting to know their parents and more about how Violet came to be a prisoner of her own design. See? I keep waiting to see what till happen next!!! 😘

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      2. I’m so glad you are enjoying this. It is one of my favorite storylines. I have the entire thing in my head. I can’t flesh it out fast enough. It’s crazy. It is all in notes in a journal right now. More to come next week.

        Working on my novel and my anniversary posts right now.

        How are you?

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