One year on WordPress – Part Two

Click here for Part One


Gotta show off just a little bit.  I am by no means a rock star but this is sooooo cool to me!



Facebook?  Meh…


OMG! Over a hundred countries!  Showing top 17

Is there a better way to do this? (*shrugs*)




There are so many other stats but you get the gist!  I am overwhelmed and grateful. I am so humbled to be amongst all of you lovelies!

Stay tuned for Part Three – (*winks, blows a kiss*)

(*starts dancing in pajamas to this – then rushes to get ready for day job – daydreams in breathe sighs all day – thinks up stuff for Part Three*)

Hugs my lovelies!

31 thoughts on “One year on WordPress – Part Two

    1. One day… I will be seeing you over there, by the sea. I visited Nova Scotia years ago. Since then, I wanted to move there or anywhere in Canada that touches the ocean. LOL!

      Much love and thank you so much for your support!

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