Celebrating One Year Dance Party -Rewind

In case you’re arriving late to this party:  Part One, Part Two and Latina style dance party.

I have been somewhat busy rewriting novel, squeezing in some fun here and there.  I have not, however, been very good at finishing this party.  So let’s keep going with the music.

A little background about these music choices.  I grew up listening to these and MTV used to be my favorite channel.  I enjoyed these videos immensely.  I remember running home from school at the tender age of 10 and doing my homework in front of the TV.  It was either old Spiderman or Wonder Woman episodes or MTV.  Such was my life.  Just so you know… I also had my journal, all the time.  This music means a lot to me.  Thanks for coming to my party, my lovelies!

This first one is a must have at all my parties. (*puts on some overalls, dances*)

I went to see this movie on my fourteenth birthday.  I was not your typical Latina growing up as you can tell.  All things British and at the time this was called alternative music.  LOL!  Yeah, kids… Alternative!  I remember falling in love and listening to this over and over.  I cut my wavy hair like Andy’s and… I was Andy!  Molly Ringwald was my fave!  Pink… that was my color, even now.

Okay… so I was a little grown up when this came out.  I just love it though.  Nostalgia gets me every time. Love me some Smashing Pumpkins any day.

When I was a teen, at times, this was my go to music.  However, I am still a huge fan of this music.  I don’t think I will ever outgrow it.  I just love all kinds of music.

Significant song then and now… for… reasons. OMG! Bono in this video! 

Nina! You are helping to make all my sweet dreams come true, girl! (*winks*)  OMG!  This video is the coolest!  I had forgotten just how cool.

I wanted to be Stevie so badly at one point.  So cool!

When this video came out I think I was infected with a virus, a love virus!  Simon Le Bon! OMG!  I wanted it to be me he was hunting for.  LOL!

I could post so many more videos, but I will leave you with this melancholy hope.  I remember the first time I listened to this.  I was young and dreaming heavily.  I was in love with the storms by the sea.  I love the sea, whole oceans.  I have always had a calling to live by the sea (one day, in a light house), by dreamy ocean waves, stormy, tempestuous roaring passion.  I was always shy growing up, nervous, feeling always I was better off alone, because I never had anyone understand me truly.  I didn’t mind it, I liked it, but I felt so different than the rest of my family, it was difficult at times.  Friends… were only acquaintances, because I was so quiet, a deep introvert and some times a full blast “storm”. (*wink*) Not sure anyone could keep up with that or understand it enough to get to know me for reals. That was then. 

I’m grateful to all of you for your friendship, your support, your affection for this humble girl.  Because of you, I’m no longer dreaming of the sea. I am no longer tethered.  I am free.  I have arrived, maybe a little late or maybe just in time.  That was the river, my life then, this is the sea… my life now.  It is like my true self, at times calm, shy and then roaring with passion, full on tempest!

Hugs and kisses to all of you my beautiful lovelies!

(*winks, blows a kiss*)

25 thoughts on “Celebrating One Year Dance Party -Rewind

  1. Great selection of music! Many of the groups were among my daughter’s favorites, and Duran Duran was her very first concert:) As an “adult,” I saw U2 in Dallas years ago and will never forget it (and having to go to work the next day).

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