One year on WordPress – Part Three – Sunshine Blogger Award

Just in case you missed a few things… Part One, Part Two, Dance Party Latina style and Dance Party Rewind




That’s not including Twitter (or Facebook). Not boasting, just thinking to myself… that is a whole lot of friends whose readers I’m swimming in. I realize that only a handful of friends may read at one time or at all but still… I am so humbled by this number. I never really thought anyone would actually read or be interested. Thank you. Truly.

No bloggers were hurt in the blogjacking of this award for my own personal use. (*looks around, makes sure no one saw*)

Thank you so much, Beckie for this awesome nom. I am so grateful to you for making my days sunshiny! Your posts are always so full of positivity. I am in awe and always amazed how, even in your darkest days, you manage to make everyone feel loved and hugged. You do. I am humbled and honored that you thought of me for this. Y’all check out Beckie’s Mental Mess, except she’s not a mess, she’s wonderful.


Thank the blogger who nominated you. – Done!
Use the “Sunshine Blogger Award” logo on your post. – Done!
Answer the 11 questions the selector asks of you. – Maybe!
Nominate 5-11 bloggers you want to give the award to. – Maybe More!
Ask the following bloggers that you selected 11 questions of your own. – Oh man! okay!

Beckie’s questions and my responses.

1. Which do you prefer to watch, the Winter Olympic Games or the Summer Olympic Games, and why?

The Winter because of snow, cold, cozy feelings of wanting to be cozy in and coziness and all the yummy warm cozy times in front of the TV watching figure skaters and ski jumps and all the snow and ice because I live where I live and don’t get to see that.

2. If you were to live by yourself [no outside contact], where do you prefer you live – the forest or the beach, and why?

The beach. The wind by the surf, the breaths I could take and sounds of such a wonderful place. In a cottage by a lighthouse or not. Dream home would be by the ocean. Forest? No way Jose would you catch me living in a forest with no human contact. I would frighten myself to death. Linda knows why! LOL!

3. If you were to choose a fictional character to sit and chat with, who might that be?

Severus Snape. He’s full of conflict that one. I would like to just sit there and pretend I’m not frightened and maybe give him a hug. He’s full of emotional turmoil and he just really needs love.

4. Do you prefer to read, go to the movies, or watch TV on your day off?

I like doing all those things, however, on my day off, I’d much rather write than do anything else.

5. When you are nominated for any blogger award, how long does it normally take for you to answer, and create questions?

I am so embarrassed to answer this. When I got the idea to use this for my One Year Part Three, I noticed the date of your post was June 19th. That’s a freakin long time, my friend! It takes me forever apparently and sometimes I don’t even answer. LOL! As far as making questions up, I can do that in just a few minutes. I’m cool that way. (*wink*)

6. What one song always puts a smile on your face?

Come on Eileen from Dexy’s Midnight Runner. Love putting my overalls on and dancing to that happy nostalgic jig. (*scratches head, wonders if they still fit, runs to dig them up*)

7. What do you fear in life [could include phobias]?

Ask the lovely Linda. LOL! No. I am joking. I know this is a serious question. Honestly, I am deathly afraid that anything bad will happen to my girls. They are my treasures, my life!

8. What advice would you give your younger self if you could?

Don’t be so freaking shy! You will miss out on a lot of cool stuff! Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to talk to your counselor about the stuff in your head. Also stand up to people who criticize you for being intelligent and wanting to do well in school. Don’t let them bully you into shyness.

9. If you could turn back the hands of time in your life, what would you have done differently, and why?

Read answer to question 8. Muuaah!

10. What is the wackiest outfit you ever wore in public [not including Halloween]?

I went through a severe leg warmer phase when I was young. There is no photo, thank God! But damn! I proudly wore my Dad’s dress shirt, skinny jeans with multicolored stripes and by God those bright pink leg warmer to complete the ensemble. (*scratches head, wonders if they’re in the attic somewhere, runs to dig them up*)

11. Be honest now – did you find that I had difficulty thinking of questions to ask you, fine people?

Beckie… pull up a chair and let’s have a chat about this whole question thing. (*smiles, winks*)

Again, thank you, Beckie, so much for thinking of me for this. Here are my twelve nominations. (Natural rebel here.)


Yo Mike! Afterwards this, bro!

Eric Shay Howard

Linda, you have the best title

Lisa, give me more paper (*winks*)

Nina the Cozy

Luda from Plants and Beyond


Rhoda the Sunshine

“D” Arty Plants Man

Dominique from 3C Style

Alex from Weird Shit

Elijah Richard

Here are my questions. There are twelve. I’m a rebel.
1. Naked or not or both (think carefully)?
2. Spaghetti or Fettuccini and why?
3. What sauce would you use up there for question 2 and why?
4. Harley Davidson or Vespa? Explain.
5. Leather or lace with that drink?
6. Where would you do it?
7. With whom would you do where you would do what you do, did, done did from question 6?
8. What drink would you have with the Leather or Lace from question 5?
9. How would you disguise yourself if you had to sneak in to your employer’s office in order to retrieve important incriminating documents?
10. What did she say exactly? You know… after you did what you did when you did that thing you did while you were doing it. (*wink*)
11. How was that thing anyway?
12. I know I am, but what are YOU doing the rest of your life?

My lovelies! I am so grateful to you all for your love and support. I am in such good company.

Part Four coming soon! LOL!

Have a wonderful day! Hugs! (*winks, blows a kiss*)

76 thoughts on “One year on WordPress – Part Three – Sunshine Blogger Award

      1. I see, it’s for some sort of nomination thing eh? The 12 threw me off. Then the 12 questions. Too many 12s perhaps? I’m sensitive to dozens I guess. LOL. I’ll have to look up what the Sunshine Blogger is about, as I’m quite new to the blogosphere and remain an ignoramus. I’ll give your q’s some a’s here in a bit since I don’t feel like sleeping yet.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. LOL! You are too cute. NO worries at all my friend. Just answer or not… tag or not. Those questions are meant in fun, however I had Mr. Alex from Weird shit with Alex give me some poignant and delightful answers. Unexpected but so nice. So… I wouldn’t mind seeing what your head has to say. LOL!



  1. Mel, you are so wonderful and creative and filled with humor…I am not surprised that you have 500 followers and I bet you’ll double that in no time. As for awards, I never do them, BUT I will answer one question. Number 11 made me laugh after all of the dids/whens/wheres. So in answer to you question “11. How was that thing anyway?” My answer is AWESOME!! 😉 Muahahahaha, but mostly Muah! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! I love you heaps lady! I’m so glad if this made you smile!

      No worries on responding. I’m grateful to know you and look forward to that Linda hug! 😍

      Hope you’re well. I’m trying my best to keep up with everyone. You’re one of my faves. I’m lining up some folks to read out loud on Fiction. Do I have you’re permission to do this with one of your posts?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. #8 with a sledgehammer. Toughen up, boy!

    “Grumble! Complain! Moan!” *nominated for Sunshine Blogger* “wat? :v” that’ll brighten up a Monday. 🙂
    Leg warmers! Bahahaha! Oh, 1980’s, you so crazy.

    These are some odd questions. Fortunately, I’m odd.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome, Mel! I enjoyed reading your answers! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the nomination! This brought me tons of joy this morning! I’ll be making a post with my answers to your questions sometime tonight, after work. 😉


    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG! I’m so excited to read your answers! I just adore you! You bring me smiles always. I know I have tons of catching up over there (and I will) but I’m always glad to catch with you on Twitter! Much love and hugs to you! Try not to work too hard! 😍😘

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Friends are like sheltering trees and WP is a forest of lovely supportive souls. Thank you so much, Mel – loved reading your answers asp questions – second was a tough one – as much as I love the beach, I chose Forest ;))) thank you for nominating me . Sssssssooooo sweeet.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you for sharing! Ummm… but Jason from Friday the 13th lives there. 😲 No human contact! I’d die by morning. 😱

      I love the forest. I’m just. A scaredy cat. I’d need an entourage that included the likes of Davie Crocket. 😉

      I look forward to reading your answers! 😀 Have a lovely day! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. (*scratches head, figures out a spell, waves wand, calls out spell*)

        “Excalibur atom, brain out, time book consortium, Harry Potter us, harmonious, Rebellious Interwebium, J R R Tolkienium me hardies!”

        (*Appears in magical land and sits next to… Frodo Baggins? Scratches head, shrugs*)

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I was dying of laughter while reading your questions. I’ve answered them all in no time in my head, but you might have to wait for a while before reading them as I have so much catching up to do regarding Awards. I’m touched that you thought of me, Mel. It is so delightful to read you. You rock my fellow rebel friend.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Not that much really. Just a very very busy working Mom. Plus, I have been sick last December (a pneumonia)… To be honest, I’m just starting to feel like myself back again. I have to find a way to reply to my WP friends’ kindness. That’s over 100 questions to answer. Lol. This should be fun, right? I hope I will be able to do that on my Summer vacation. Patience, patience… That’s in three weeks.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. OMG! I’m so sorry you were that sick. I was in hospital for kidney infection a while back. I understand about feeling 100%. I was teasing about the rebel thing. I’m a working Mother too. I’m grateful to my girls for letting me act like a kid sometimes. 😉

        I wish you continued good health. Hugs! Tons!

        Liked by 3 people

      3. Oooh I am a rebel. And proud of it too. I meant to say I don’t rebel about every rules, especially if I am the one who made them up… Lol! Health is good now, thanks. Although I can’t wait for my vacation which are in two weeks. Yay! You might not have to wait as long as my other WP friends after all. xoxo

        Liked by 2 people

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