One Year WordPressing – Chill/soft music that inspires me

In case you’ve missed it:  Part One, Part Two, Dance Party Latina Style, Dance Party Rewind and Part Three

My lovelies, here is some more music I like and that inspires me.  I’ve featured some of this music on some previous posts since I started Fiction.  It is supposed to be chill, relaxed but this first one might be a bit of an extreme chill.  Thank you, my lovely She, for introducing me to Andrew Applepie. I love the whole lot of his songs/music.  This is one of my very favorites so far.  You were spot on!  I absolutely love him!

This is another absolute favorite of mine.  Hans Zimmer – Time I love it so much.  I have written several poetry pieces while listening to this.  It brings me great joy and melancholy at the same time.  I always picture lovers, longing.  Always!

Because I love the sky probably as much as the sea.  They both meet on the horizon and live happily ever after.  (must experience video!)

I wrote The Lovely Weapon while listening to this.  I was just getting over writing prompts. (I was deathly afraid of prompts.  Music, love, and friendship is a cure all recipe.)

Just wrote the following poem while listening to this last piece of deliciousness.

My sweet love, my warm embrace
You are my delight in all ways, in all seasons
A treasure, a gift to me, is what you are
I rush towards you, anxious for your touch
The night turns to music and I am yours
Your mouth dances with mine, spinning me
Ever so poetic, ever so gentle, ever so soothing
Your voice
Tones, whispers, a sonnet echoes fire
I swim feverishly in your affection
Fireworks of moonlit dreams in dulcet hues
A symphony explodes as you conduct my instruments
Each one, your faithful servant, surrendering, devoted
You and I
Swirls in sounds of enchantment, wild abandon
Our bodies entwined in passionate adoration
An ardent croon for the universe

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

Last summer, I spent an entire Sunday glued to my laptop writing a novel, a new story that won’t see publication until next year or much later. It is still very raw and I haven’t touched it since November of last year.  It happens.  I am in the middle of something and my head decides to do something different.  Too much fiction in my head. LOL! Anyway, I wrote feverishly while listening to this recomposition of Vivaldi’s four seasons.  Who doesn’t like these wonderful pieces!  They are delicious.

I hope you’re enjoying this ride and don’t mind this humble girl blasting the music.  I’m so grateful for you.

Hugs my lovelies!  Next post will be Part four of this celebration and maybe that will be that! (*winks, blows a kiss*)







40 thoughts on “One Year WordPressing – Chill/soft music that inspires me

      1. Not awkward! I think we’re way passed that! Lol!

        And… what do you think? I’m still not done celebrating. 😆😅😅😅 I have one more post! I just didn’t have time with the 4th and stuff! I’m so nuts but I gotta! 😂

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