Gabriel Graham Lambert


Hello, my lovelies!  No, that is not the name of a fictional character.  However, you could say he is wild and untamed like Heathcliff and does live in the real Wuthering Heights.  He, however, has his “Catherine” by his side.  He has played in the moors and breathed in passionate skies.  He has tamed the wind with his thoughts unleashing them in witty and delightful writes.  They’re also strong and soulful writes.  He is a humble man with a very strong will and a wild fiery heart.  He is a northern god.  If you don’t follow him, you will be missing out.


I am so chuffed because for once, I think I out smarted Pete from Little Fears on being the first to follow Gabe.  LOL!  I really enjoy Gabe’s writing.  He is raw talent and soulful insight.  Just loving what is coming out of his romantic head.  Wow!  This week seems to have been full of new found friendships and enlightenment. (*winks at Miss*)  Now, Gabe, if you can just get the gist of adding tags to your posts, my friend!  LOL! (*winks at Gabe*)


Check out Gabe’s Musings by clicking here.

Yeah!  He lives here!  This is what he sees on a daily basis, the stuff of dreams come true.  Thanks Gabe, for sharing these photos with me.  


You can also follow him on Twitter @northengod

All photos courtesy of Gabriel Graham Lambert.

I know I am behind by a couple of posts!

Life… but then I really wanted to share this with you all.

I will get caught up this weekend. Promise!

Hugs, my lovelies! (*winks, blows a kiss*)

I found this video and it made me even more jealous of Gabe! It is so beautiful!  I know a few of you will more than appreciate this and probably be familiar with this part of England.  How much are you charging for tours, Gabe? We’re coming!












28 thoughts on “Gabriel Graham Lambert

  1. Oh Morning .
    I’m glad you like the images , as Mel stated they are just places I work and live , thank you so much little sister for the wonderful introduction I am genuinely humbled .
    Heathcliff is calm today , my inner Gabriel oak is plotting to walk the woods this morning .may I wish you all a bountiful day .

    Liked by 1 person

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