Koi no Yokan

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Fiction in My Head

This was part of my early 100 days.  It was a strong inspired piece because it was a prompt from my dear friend CLEVER.  I have difficulty following through with prompts but this was very strong in me (maybe because it was a friend who suggested it) and well… it just poured out… eventually.

Premonition sublime

Walking towards you

Loving the feeling inside me

Echoes of what aches to be

Encapsulated by a breath

Heart quakes a little

Quiver in thoughts

Echoes of what aches to be

Core ripped a part

Emotions building

You’ve touched me

Echoes of what aches to be

Eyes locked in dreams

Beyond the feelings

Beyond the soul

Echoes of what aches to be

Hands, fingers coiled

Souls traveling intertwined

Meditation of you and me

Echoes of what aches…

© 2017 Mel Gutiér

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2 thoughts on “Koi no Yokan

    1. It’s funny. I’m not really aching. Well… I am because I lost some work on word press. I have no Idea how. I know deleted some stuff but I would never have deleted my Charlie and my first four posts on Charlie are totally gone! (*cries*).

      Personally I am well and happy my friend. No worries on that.


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