PoL #6 – What the Lyrics Say

Keeping Melancholy this Monday

Fiction in My Head

What if I’m wrong, what if I’ve lied
Nothing will change, I feel the same

What if I’ve dragged you here to my own dark night
Similar bleeds, similar souls, lost and then found

And what if I know, what if I see
If you only knew, wanting you near

There is a crack run right down the front of me
Breaking me down, breaking you down…

What if they’re right, what if we’re wrong
Who are they… we belong to each other

What if I’ve lured you here with a siren song
Intentions… bold and strong

But if I be wrong, if I be right
You are for me and I am for you

Let me be here with you tonight
Yes please… what the lyrics say

Ten thousand cars, ten thousand trains
Distance and time between us… holding you

There are ten thousand roads to run away

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