The Lovely Weapon

Part of MELancholy Monday

Fiction in My Head

Again… I am late in this.  For reasons… that is all I can say.  Thank you LemonySugar for allowing me to feel I am your partner in this.  LOL.  Thank you for your support and your friendship my beautiful LemonLovely.

This was yet another one of Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: World Without Guns.  Again, I went over the word count and posted late.  But I did it.

There is music because it is my way.  Hope you like it.

“Please… I’m begging you. Why you? Why can’t they get someone else to do this?”

“Oh my love. We knew. You knew this might happen when you married me. Remember?”


Alexandrine held her breath once and let out a sigh. Tears. Edward knew how heavy this was for her. It was not your typical assignment. But being chosen was of utmost honor. He knew she would be…

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