One Year of WordPress – Finale – Liebster and My Mind

In case you missed it: Part One, Part Two, Latina Style, Rewind, Part Three, Soft/Chill Inspirational Music

This was originally posted on July 21, 2017 – And I’m adding voice recording for this anniversary post.

When I was a little girl, I used to dream a lot. My mind would escape me sometimes. It was a coping mechanism. It was like home, to escape that way. In middle school, I discovered poetry. I fell in love. I think that is the earliest memory I have of taking a serious interest in anything related to literature. There is a favorite poem of mine, all-time favorite. I had to memorize it for my 8th grade English class. Not only that, I had to really perform it for full credit. My English Teacher, Mrs. Hightower (I’ll never forget her) was also the Theatre Arts teacher. I remember having my parents take me to an old book store (now Half Price Books) and I was fascinated to find an old tattered poetry book. I was into all things British at the time and the English prose beckoned me. I think I flipped right to it if my mind serves me correctly. As soon as I read the title, I fell in love. I read it and I couldn’t believe it. I could have authored such thoughts.


My Mind to Me a Kingdom Is
Sir Edward Dyer (d. 1607)

My mind to me a kingdom is;
Such present joys therein I find,
That it excels all other bliss
That earth affords or grows by kind:
Though much I want that most would have,
Yet still my mind forbids to crave.

No princely pomp, no wealthy store,
No force to win the victory,
No wily wit to salve a sore,
No shape to feed a loving eye;
To none of these I yield as thrall;
For why? my mind doth serve for all.

I see how plenty surfeits oft,
And hasty climbers soon do fall;
I see that those which are aloft
Mishap doth threaten most of all:
They get with toil, they keep with fear:
Such cares my mind could never bear.

Content I live, this is my stay;
I seek no more than may suffice;
I press to bear no haughty sway;
Look, what I lack my mind supplies.
Lo, thus I triumph like a king,
Content with that my mind doth bring.

Some have too much, yet still do crave;
I little have, and seek no more.
They are but poor, though much they have,
And I am rich with little store;
They poor, I rich; they beg, I give;
They lack, I leave; they pine, I live.

I laugh not at another’s loss,
I grudge not at another’s gain;
No worldly waves my mind can toss;
My state at one doth still remain:
I fear no foe, I fawn no friend;
I loathe not life, nor dread my end.

Some weigh their pleasure by their lust,
Their wisdom by their rage of will;
Their treasure is their only trust,
A cloakèd craft their store of skill;
But all the pleasure that I find
Is to maintain a quiet mind.

My wealth is health and perfect ease,
My conscience clear my chief defense;
I neither seek by bribes to please,
Nor by deceit to breed offence:
Thus do I live; thus will I die;
Would all did so as well as I!

English Poetry I: From Chaucer to Gray.
The Harvard Classics. 1909–14.

I’m going to end this anniversary with the Liebster Award nom.

I would like to thank the lovely She whose door is alarmed but not dangerous, for nominating Fiction for this award.  I am so honored to know SheShe, I know that you are on your trip and I’m sorry this took me so long to get to.  I meant to do it before you left but just didn’t have the time.  I’m sure you’re having a blast Mrs. Worldwide!  Safe travels, my friend.

If you don’t know She, you don’t know what you’re missing.  She is charming and witty, super talented.  She is truly a delight to read.  I’m also grateful to her for recognizing this humble blog because it is not that new.  Thank you my friend for being so thoughtful and genuine with me, always!
The GUIDELINES for the 2018 award are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you – CHECK
  • Display the award on your post – CHECK
  • Write a small post about what makes you passionate about blogging – OKAY
  • Provide 10 random facts about yourself – OMG!
  • Answer the questions given to you – CHECK
  • Nominate 5-11 other blogs for this award – CHECK
  • Ask them creative and unique questions of your own – OMG!
  • List the rules and inform your nominees of the award – OKAY!


What makes me passionate about blogging?

I love to write and blogging has given me that gift in a very unique way.  I had only written in journals until I came here.  I am honored to be a part of a community of wonderfully creative and talented people.  I have grown a lot in the last year, not only as a person, but as a writer. Thanks to all of you lovelies for sticking around.  I am so humbled and grateful for your love and support of this humble blog.  My heart swells with affection for you all.  Thank you so very much with all my heart.

Ten random facts: (Oh goody… more about moi!)

  1. I am fluent in French, Spanish and Italian (Can get by in Portuguese)
  2. I love anything having to do with comics – especially Marvel, but I love them all
  3. In college, I became obsessed with the Judge Dredd comic for a couple of years
  4. I love all things British
  5. For my French class in the 10th grade, we were supposed to connect with pen pals  from France so that we could practice our French.  I broke the suggested rule and selected a friend from the UK.  He is from Northern Ireland and we have stayed in touch till this day.  (Yes, before internet/social media we actually wrote letters to each other in order to communicate and connect. It still is a thing, I think.) 
  6. My pen pal from Northern Ireland is my oldest friend to date.
  7. I am Iron Man, but I still struggle with anxiety and shyness.  (I know, but it’s true.)
  8. British comedies rock!
  9. I’m addicted to sushi.
  10. I have three ear piercings on both ears because back in college I wanted to be cool.  LOL!


Okay… here are my noms of some folk I think you should follow!  You are not at all obligated to respond.  I just really like y’all and want to know more about ya.


Sandra because what you think is important!

Invisible no more – I want to know more about ya

Gabriel Graham Lambert – you know why you Mardy Bum!

The coolest Ray of sunshine not Bradbury!

Novus Lectio because you’re adorable and I love ya!

Mike from Afterwards because you need more stuff to write about!

Alex because I believe you have a lot going for ya and I want to know more!

Eric Shay Howard because you’re awesome and I look forward to more!

Stories in between – I hope we can learn more about this talented writer!

Ivor Stevens – the beautiful poet.

Kip Walkin – I notice you my dear

Leo – your site is awesome! Tell us more!


Questions for you my friends – 

  1. What is your legacy? Define it.
  2. To curse or not to curse in your daily life/vernacular and why/why not?
  3. How would you define respect?
  4. What does it mean to you when someone says “I love ya” – casually?
  5. When you write, how often do you stare out into the void before actually finishing that project?
  6. What is your favorite food, you can’t live without and why?
  7. What would be your biggest dream come true?
  8. Your family crest, what would I see on it?
  9. If the world were ending in seven days, how would you spend those days and with whom?
  10. What inspires the passionate you?


This one year anniversary party is officially over… until next year!

My lovelies!!!  Thank you all so much for coming along with me on this journey.  I am grateful for your love and support.  So honored to have you here and I look forward to another year of… something.  Yay!  


(*winks, blows a kiss*)

Here are two songs that define this past year for me.  Happen to be from the same band.  I hope you like them.







33 thoughts on “One Year of WordPress – Finale – Liebster and My Mind

  1. I am so touched by What you wrote about me, eek, I feel all shy and smiley now. Thanks very much, you are a sweet and lovely person. It is truly a pleasure to know you too.

    In S Africa at the moment but we are staying in an artist’s apartment with wifi for next couple days. Saw hired a car and saw wild penguins and ostrich yesterday. Penguins are pretty stink little fellas! Cute though🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow!! You blow me away! I’m so happy that you are getting to do that! Well, I hope you continue to have fun and safe travels!

      Always lovely to hear from you. Hugs and kisses! Lots!


      1. I can’t this week, I have guests arriving tomorrow so I scheduled all posts lol 😂 only Book Review is still hanging bcz I can’t finish reading the book. I’ll do my best next week 🙂 or if I can – Sunday but I can’t promise anything ✌️😇

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