Truly fiction

My lovelies! Even if I have let some life experience affect my writing, it is fiction. However, if it resonates and you’re touched, then it touches me. I’m grateful for you all.

Now… I like this song very much and it triggered me to mention the above.  It has also inspired me to write a novella type work.  At this time it is in bits of ideas and characterizations in a journal.  That’s my preferred method of writting my ideas and drawing out storylines.  At the moment I am trimming hedges… or should be.  The song came on my YouTube mix and… WP app is convenient.

Hugs! (*winks, blows a kiss*)

6 thoughts on “Truly fiction

    1. Tom!!! You are cracking me up! So many LOLs!!

      Too funny. Should I cut and paste my other comments here too! *laughs and laughs and laughs*

      What are you up to this weekend? Please tell me you’re doing somethin fun.


      1. Mira que bien! Con tus padres. Que lindo eres. I hope you enjoy it. I’m so glad. Yo… trabaje trimming hedges hoy in the front yard. LOL!

        Tomorrow I will ver a mi Mama. But definitely voy a escribir mas. Sabes que? Estoy reading your post de musica y tu. Me encanta what you’re doing. You head is full my dear. How do you haces? LOL!

        I’m wondering… que tal bailar? Que puedes escribir al respecto?


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