What does ProfTomBot think?

Hello my lovelies!  A lot of you may be familiar with the Prof, but if you’re not, go check this out, Me, Music, and I.  I have really been enjoying his Musicality posts.  He touches on some things that resonate with me as far as how music affects humanity, language, culture… the world.  That latest post is about how it affects the individual.  Loved them all.  His writes are not only a workout for your brain but they are always presented in such a creative and engaging manner.  You can kind of get addicted.  He is extremely intelligent and has a deep appreciation for all knowledge.  Also, he can poet rather nicely.  Oh!  He can art a bit as well! LOL! Yep!  So… go check out his Broad Spectrum Life.

Now, what the hey is the point to this nonfiction on Fiction.  Well, his latest post got me thinking about a challenge, sort of.  Prof, what do you reckon is the effect of music on the body?  I know.  I am not asking the right question.  Hmmm… How do we know how to choreograph?  How do we process the music to move our bodies?  Does our brain just know? You know, why are some of us good dancers and some of us… not so much? I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself clearly but it is early Sunday on my Saturday night and there was a trippy conversation involved with the Prof.  I’m like… why not?  LOL!

How about a post Tom?  I know you are brilliant at this sort of puzzling unpuzzling.


Here’s one of my favorite videos from a Coldplay song I love (that I feature in my novel(WIP).  I’m also posting the making of this video because I find it fascinating how it was done.  I think you will appreciate this, Tom.  Music had a profound affect, at least for me, on these humans collaborating to create something totally new and then… ripples!  All the world was affected (check out the number of views).  Pretty cool!  You touch on this on your posts.  (*digital wink*)

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