The strumming of two hearts

At the end of the day, when the sun turns into an orange molasses, you trap my breath with your kiss.  I’m fixed on you.  Your soft strength reigns my desire.  Your hands strum my curves while our mouths dance to the tune of cotton candy dreams. Our silhouettes echo a powerful, soulful soliloquy.  It is loud, passionate and ravenous.  You make my body smile in sweet twisty honey movements, inebriated by your caress.  Oh baby! Your tongue drives in circles, singing to me, a loving river of affection.  I devour your hunger and inhale your touch.  Swim in me, lover, friend… life.  Take me over!  My belly aches in quivers sublime, a quickening abduction of all my senses.  Mmmm… you’ve conquered all my weaknesses with your mouth.  I’m left with breathless, enamored adoration.  My body hums to the rhythm you’ve written in me.  You smile, bite your lip and surrender your eyes on me.  I’m tickled, giddy with delight.  Our laughter ripples a reflection of our unique hearts into loving breathe sighs of fresh air.

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

Inspired by this great song and video.

11 thoughts on “The strumming of two hearts

    1. I love Maroon 5! They killed this song and video! Have you seen that sugar video? That video makes me smile too.

      I’m so happy you enjoyed your visit. So happy to see you here.

      Have a lot going on right now but I will get to the collaboration posts by tomorrow! I love how you all put them together! Awesome!

      Liked by 1 person

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