Expired fragility – Inspired by ArtyPlantsMan Photos – Day 20

As the twilight hour announced its presence, the orphanage locked its doors for the last time. One solitary window remained vigilant and weary. Two tiny dark eyes colored with wide eyed curiosity, swallowed the silence in the room. Soft rays through the pane consumed the space. As the heaviness of the door slowly engulfed time, a tiny body readied itself. She removed her night shirt, her fragile back towards darkness. The sound of a whip kissed the floor as her gaze shown through glass encased hope. The scars on her back would open once more but she would no longer be a slave. The orphaned angels would hear her pleas for mercy never more. The sting was felt twenty times. She surrendered her soul as her small vessel collapsed with a smile.

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

Photo Credit: ArtyPlantsMan Day 20 of Black and White Photo Challenge

This one gave me chills and sort of had me all teary eyed.  Almost all the photos in this series made my brain dream up scenes that were quite lucid.  Interesting how the brain works when you’re not afraid of prompts anymore.  LOL!

Go check out the linked post.  You’ll find this in the comment box and the thread is so fun.  This is also the post where the light bulb flashed for publishing these.  Thanks again, Darren, for the wonderfully inspiring photos.

I’m publishing these in no particular order and there are a couple that I did not disclose in comments.  More of these to come.


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