Ghost – Inspired by Arty Plantsman photo – Day 17 for MELancholy Monday

I was consumed by madness those days. I never knew whether he was joking or not. The scrapings continued until he found a cure, only in his dreams. By that time, he had hollowed out my heart with neglectful silence. It was the loudest pain I had ever felt. To this day I see him looking through the magnifying scope. He breaks only to look at my photograph as news of the presidential election sings through his ear phones.

“I just needed more time with you. I would have found the cure eventually.”

He says caressing my image. A newly elected president on the radio, ended with a hopeful song. I smiled but then I cried as my ghost embraced him in chills. What difference would any of it make? I was no longer alive to share it with him.

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

Photo Credit: ArtyPlantsMan Day 17 of Black and White Photo Challenge


8 thoughts on “Ghost – Inspired by Arty Plantsman photo – Day 17 for MELancholy Monday

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    1. LOl! It is pure fiction. She’s dead. He killed her wanting to save her. She became a ghost before she died and then she stayed giving him chills.

      This came quite naturally and I will continue them. I’ve been working on my novel mainly when I can because life I heavy right now. I’m so glad to see you. Hope all is well. Muuaah!

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