Reposting for MELancholy Monday

Fiction in My Head

My heart misbehaves in ways unfamiliar

Lava, susurrus chaos in my veins

Torments a wound, salted… bleeding

My belly pulsates in deep convulsing gasps

Hot throbbing labyrinth tattooed under my skin

Hurtful stupor, a melancholic garden

Nourished by loss…

Memories of kisses never given

Dreams that ached to be fulfilled

Missing pieces never given the chance

Never given their place

Never to be breathed again

Wandering, longing soul…

Left undone, incomplete… unfulfilled

Litost confining the essence of life

I’m choking in the screams of this… pain

The reality of…

An existence without you

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

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