Slave to Love – Warrior Queen

It was a gift to be tormented by her. I bore it with pleasure. My body enjoyed the tease and my thoughts ran away with her silhouette immediately. The way she carried herself when unclothed placated my senses. I felt nothing but her, her universe. Surrounded by her milky way, she allowed me the courtesy of a dance. It was a beautiful concoction of tender passion. Drawing heat on her skin with my mouth was a delectable pastime. I enjoyed hours of it. The music that played between her thighs rendered me deaf with ecstasy. The intoxication was severe. It made my brain fuzzy, blurring the pleasurable kiss like a volcanic lava covering an island. I knew how to handle the strongest alcohol but hers… hers poisoned me to life. The hunger pangs I experienced were frenzied in her mouth. She knew what to do with me, how to handle me. A kiss was not enough. It was the appetizer to the several courses that followed. Cake… I’d burry my face between her pillows and make a wish. Feeling her feet on my shoulders was a powerful experience. The massage exulted the silence with moans that lingered well beyond the climax. I could feel her pleasure explode, drowning me with delight. I tasted her flowing syrup and built a path up towards her navel. My tongue dug a bridge towards her neck. There, trapped violently by her smooth vines, I lost all control. Inside her, lay fields of fire, floating flames that took me in delicately, wildly. I remember her twisting with pleasure while I crashed her waves. Her eyes remained closed for long moments, as if they were secretly reconstructing paradise with each thrust. Our mouths, our tongues, greeted the bursts of our honey with fireworks. The celebration created a chaos under the sheets and crafted swirls of color that saturated time. Being inside her and kissing her rendered me weak with power. I became a knight amidst a sublime quest. Experiencing her as a journey that way was both a curse and a treasure. I’d sacrifice everything for both. Feeling her fingers sketch an entire earth on my back, ignited my speed. I thrived on the feeling of her expert topography. I became a castaway on her rhythm. God! When her warrior took over, I found myself transfixed by the vision of her sultry dance. She rode me so well, I arrived in perfect precision and song. I remember her on me, busied with aftershocks and beads of sweat mixed up between us. Her sweetness and her wild child became one in my arms. It was the sweetest torment. It was the only way to die alive.

“Are you quite finished writing that thing?”

“Hello you! Yes, I think I’ve come to a stopping point.”


“Would you like to read it?”

“Umm… Why don’t you… come and show me instead.”

“That, my Warrior Queen, is the best idea!”

© 2018 Mel Gutiér


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