I want

…to do what I want

…to bask in the sound of your silence, pondering your touch

…to sink in the stillness of unrest under your body

…to become inebriated by the scent of your affection

…the void in my heart to be filled only by you

…your mouth to kiss the air with my name forever

…to feel myself tethered to you in every direction

…to surrender to your religion, be baptized in it

…to be swooned everyday by the sound of your voice

…to be infected by your virus, bedridden in heat

…to become your legion fighting for our cause

…the oxygen I breathe to be you in my lungs

…the chaos of our sexes imprisoned in time

…your mouth ravaging me under the stars

…to enjoy you in every way there is

…to sail all oceans in life with you

…to be taught how to fly by your instruction

…to sustain myself on you, maintain my health and perfect ease

…your warmth to be my armor in life

…to leave my world behind and exist only in yours

…to be a bird in flight captured by your hand

…to be free to be me with you

…to know what your love is like

…to understand the absence of time with you

…to dream in poetry with you

…to feel shy and wake up tall next to you

…to intoxicate life with our laughter

…not to miss you, but to keep you

…to make you happy because it suits me, because I’m better for it

…to get lost in you while I find myself


I want…

Only to be yours, exist only for you

That is all… I want

©2018 Mel Gutiér

24 thoughts on “I want

  1. Oh Mel, your desires are many, …((…Oh damn … bugger… I just dribbled honey on my keyboard….. maybe there’s a message here !!))…… your words are like warm honey on my lips, sweetly delicious, and your addictive taste leaves me craving more and more divine appetisers….

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