I like the sound of your body on me

the way we synchronize our tender aggression

you let me lead the way into you

I pretend to be in charge

you’re in control and I like it

feeling you trace my curves


tastes good… to dance with you

your sexy whispers in my ear

kisses tenderizing my neck

delicious feels all over with you

I’m cooked head to toe

simmering in all your spices

yes… please

strong hands holding my hips, swaying

my silhouette against yours

overcome by a throbbing ache

hearts racing, spinning honey

our foreheads together

noses touching

our mouths… thirsty


© 2018 Mel Gutiér

Thought I’d add that I’ve been working on my WIP, SKoH, tonight.  I like to take dancing breaks as many of you are already aware.  It feels good and renews my creative juices.  Anyway… the lines in italics at the end of the poem are actual lines in the novel.  The main character narrates them.  She’s very much in love.  This song is also featured in the novel.  This is also an inspired piece as is a lot of my poetry.

Thank you all so much for your support of this humble blog and your friendly neighborhood butterfly!

Happy weekend!

Hugs!  (*winks blows a kiss*)




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