A dream in time

All my weaknesses grow from knowing you

They give all my pleasures a taste

Sweet nervous knots dancing in my core

Butterfly wings sharpened to perfection

Every cut, deeper than the last

Your will… my wish

My thoughts… your gifts

Falling deeper this

Glorious dreams of bliss

Take me by the hand

Never let me go

Guide the sands of time

Playing strings to bind

Locks that hold us close

A unique universe consumes us

Particles of affection birthing our breaths

We become enchained, entwined

Our lips counting seconds into kisses

Wild like the raw stolen moments

The first time you devoured me, made me yours

You own me now, there is no turning back

These hands are bound, still

Time… we existed only to please it

Now… we hold its key in our hearts

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

9 thoughts on “A dream in time

    1. Bliss is attainable. It really is. Time helps us get there. And if only we get just a bit of it, it remains timeless in our memories.

      Hugs to you. thank you for your visit and your words.


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