Movement – Villain WIP Excerpt

My dearest Vanessa,

If my heart were to stand still and yours were to move, I would break. No. I would simply seize to exist. My breath would stop, vanish into the void. My lungs transformed into charcoal, choking life from me. I can’t posses you but you do posses me. I will not accommodate your engaged rebellion. Stay. Become my soul incarnate. Please. In this darkness only you light my way, only you command my life. I am not afraid to ask this of you. I know you like my own flesh, like the sweet caress of a warm summer’s breeze. You cannot fool the heart that swells for you. It explodes with your kiss and hollows with your departure. Please. This movement must stop. I’m in chaos because of it. Surely you must know… you must know. I choose you my love. I choose you. Come back to me in every way. I will leave my past life behind if only to sway your movement to mine. This movement that has us both fixed in passion, in desire… in love.

You have me gone mad in all this violence! I am forever moved by you, encased in your rhythm. If stillness is what you desire, move towards it, my tranquility existing in your love. I beg you. But make no mistake… my heart HAS a movement. It beats in all directions… YOU.

Yours for eternity.


Vanessa let the letter drop to the floor as she heard Phillip’s voice behind her. Her ears tore as the piercing sound of his tone invaded her mind. It had all been a lie. He loved her still. It had been a deception to deter her from leaving with him. Was she too late? Was this the end of her? Her eyes filled with desperate sorrow. It led a soft river down her face. Her body shook as she felt Phillip take hold of her arm violently. What was this? She no longer recognized herself. Her heart began to hurt, implode with anxiety. Villain was in her veins swelling warmth through out her body and it hurt her as if she were being skinned alive. It ached to know he loved her still. She wanted to die.

“Woman, what is the matter with you!”

“You’re liar, Phillip. You are a fiend! You lied to me! To think father warned me. I betrayed even him. You’re despicable!”

Vanessa’s voice trembled. Her brother meant to end her life. She knew that now. She would never see Villain again. Phillip took the letter from the floor and smiled.

“You are too late dear sister. As soon as he found out you betrayed him, he took a turn for the worse. It made it easy for us. But I see we have a traitor in our midst as well. Speak up!”

Cayote couldn’t help but make eye contact with Vanessa. Vanessa nodded her head for him not to make a move. Her tears severe and heavy. Phillip was no fool. He noticed the exchange.

“Seize him!”

“Phillip! No! Please! He’s just a boy!”

“A boy who has been lying to me all this time, delivering messages for Villain. I suppose he is the one who let you out of your cage tonight. Ungrateful child! I took you in when no one else would!”

“You kept me prisoner! You’re a monster! I don’t understand how you’re any relation to Vanessa. She’s lovely. You’re vile!”

“Throw him to the lions!”


“Stop your pleading, Vanessa! You, my dear sister, will meet the same fate as your slave, but not before you see your Villain suffer and die. You will both pay.”

Phillip nodded. The guards brought Villain’s unconscious body and laid it on the table. Vanessa’s breath destroyed her. Her eyes widened to see her love so vulnerable. She fell to the floor. Her anguished body overwhelmed with what she had done. It was a dire scene indeed. Vanessa and Villain no longer held movement. Phillip grinned to look at them both, then he became serious again, shaken himself. Outside, the village stirred with screams and violence. War was coming.

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

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