Dancing in my t-shirt – I found my Charlies!!!

A while back I lost some very precious posts, my Charlies. (four to be exact)  The drafts on my hard drive were not what I had posted.  I was devestated.  Tonight I just jumped in to ask WP for help.  They came through with flying colors!!!  Did you know that everything on the internet can be recovered?  These guys did and they gave me the link to all my old deleted treasures!!!  I did delete some things but I had no idea how much.  So now I am going to recover my Charlies and stuff.  I’m so excited.  Yeah!!! I’m dancing to Charlie’s favorite song.

(*jumps on bed, swaying, smiling, happy, shakin hips, lip syncing*)

(I miss you Charlie!)

“You could have fooled me!”


“Woe!  Easy there!  You’ve gotten a little lighter!  That tickles!  I’ve missed you too girl.”

“Thanks for coming out.  I know it’s been a while.”

“Longer than a while. Wait… I’m in your… err… bedroom and you… you’re wearing barely anything.”

“Yeah… so?”

(he’s so cute and so sexy)

“Wait… you did not just say… think… what I think you…”

“Want to kiss me, Charlie?”

“I always want to kiss you.”

(I’m just going to go for it.)

“Girl… yes.  Damn!”

(savoring this…)

“Umm… no!”

“What the fuck!”

“Charlie… I’m sorry.  I can’t do this to you.  You’re a fictional character.  I can’t.  You deserve way better than me. I’m sorry I slapped you.”

“You and your fucked up head.”

“I know.  I’m sorry.  I have plans for you.  You know that.”

“I honestly don’t know anymore.  You hide me behind all your grey matter and leave to rot.  I’m not sure if you can cut this writing thing.”

“That is such a mean thing to say to me!”

(He’s adorable!)

“Lady… I can hear you in that head.  Wait… what the hell is this?”

“Give me that!  Give it!”

“Nope… ha ha!  I’m taller than you.”

“Charlie!  Please!  Can I get that back.  Please…”

“Nope!  Come on!  That fucking hurts!  Fuck, Mel!  Wait a second… this is a diary.  You have a diary.”


“Mel… wow.  Inner thighs?  Tempestuous desires?  You are something!  Ouch!  Shit!”

“Give me that!”

“Fine! You are strong! Holy shit! You are really turning a dark shade of red!  Here!  Take it.  I was just teasing.  Damn!  Calm down.”

“Thank you.  Damn it, Charlie!  That was private stuff!”

“Mel… I can fucking read your head!   I know everything… somewhat.”

“Exactly.  I let you know what I want you to know.”

“God!  You’re beautiful.”

(he makes me swallow dry)

“What is going on with you.  Diary, writing all kinds of nonsense.  You okay?”

“I am now. You’re here.  You came.”

“I could never stay away from you.  If you call me… write me, I will always be here.”

(standing here with you, makes me happy.)

“It makes me happy too.  Shit Mel… you do have some crazy plans for me.  That smile… you devilish sweetness.”

“I can’t help it.  I don’t know how this happened to begin with.  I know I don’t want it to end.  I’m so glad you’re here.  Stay.”

“Are you asking what I think your asking?  Because…”

“No.  Not that, Charlie!  I mean stay around.  If you can… want.”

“I’ve never left.  It’s up to you.  You keep me around or you…”

“I didn’t mean to push you away.  I…”

“I understand.  Hey… I’m work of fiction, right?  You… you’ve changed a bit.”

“I have. Good or bad?”

“It… you… it’s good.  Better.  You’re better.”

(he looks so good in jeans)

“You make me laugh, lady!  You love me in anything as long as I’m shirtless and maybe…”

“Charlie!  Shhhh…”

“Oh please! You think I need to read your diary to know what your desires are?”


“Alright… alright.  Hug?”

(breathe sigh…)

“Yes, please.”

“God!  You smell good!”

“So do you, Charlie.  Thank you for… thank you.”

“I’m counting on you.  I have no idea where this is all headed but… I believe in you.”


“Goodnight, Charlie.”

“Goodnight, lovely.  Hmmm…”


“Word count. Way below a thousand.”

“Are you making fun of me.”

“Not at all.  I know that was a thing before.  I get the feeling it is not so much anymore.”

“It’s not.  Who cares!  Right?”

“Exactly…  See you.”

“See you, darlin.”

(something about seeing him again… like magic… makes me swoon, makes me… breathe sigh… makes me dream)

  ©2018 Mel Gutiér


(rushes of to work on Charlies)







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