Charlie in my head

My name is Charlie and I’ve been stuck inside Mel’s head for quite a while. I can’t believe she finally let me out. I’ll try to be brief because I’m not sure how long she’s going to let me do this. Knowing her, I could probably do this for days… months even. You know how long and drawn out her writing is. She’s so anal about it. But I don’t think she’ll let me stay out much longer. She’s got too much to do.

Well, I’ve been bugging her, hounding her to let me out for a breath. It’s crowded in there and I need to get something off my chest. Mel’s head… I’m being hit on by some very gorgeous but odd women. One of them is a vampire that needs sex to survive and she was eyeing me. She almost got me too. I had to get passed the clutter and hide. My wife is quite popular and that is who I’d like to talk about first.

She likes it in Mel’s head. I’m pretty sure it’s because of all the so called leading men in there. But it’s all good. In the end, she always comes back to me and Mel gives us some alone time. I love me some alone time with my Angela. I met her in a grocery store which is where Mel met me and well… you know how that goes. We didn’t have much choice in the matter. Mel threw us together before we could blink. Not that I minded. Angela is gorgeous.

She has the body of a goddess and the mind of a poet. She has legs that go on for miles. An ass I can sink my teeth into. Her breasts are the comfort food that cravings crave. Her smile is like sunshine on a cold winter’s day. You know, when it’s freezing out and you look up to the sun, you feel the heat on your face. That’s her smile. It just warms you right up. Her eyes swallow me and send me dreaming to another realm. I was done for as soon as Mel threw me at her. It was the best thing I’ve ever been forced to do.
I cheated on her. (Mel’s fault. “Oh no sir! You did that all your own. Don’t blame me!” Just go away! You’re so annoying when you start to reason with fiction!)

We’ve been married ten years. No kids and we’re happy but somehow something happened. This passed Friday. I was stuck at work trying to resolve issues with a client who didn’t agree to our terms but I thought I could clinch it. It was stressful. The deal was a bust. That morning I had had an argument with Angela about my wanting a motorcycle. She obviously talked to Mel about it because at first, she had agreed. Then a few hours later she changed her mind! I’m pretty sure Mel had something to do with it. Not safe she said. Insurance alone would kill us, she said. It made me furious. I’m in my thirties. I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I don’t smoke. Hell! I don’t even over eat. I’m in pretty good shape. A motorcycle was going to be my way of letting it all out. She begged to differ.

Well later that day, after a very stressful disaster of a presentation, I found myself alone in the board room with the client’s assistant who had stayed behind to sort out logistics for our next attempt at restructuring their manufacturing line of business. I’m a business consultant. We try to convince the big guys how to do things the right way to save them money. It doesn’t always work. I noticed that during the meeting she kept very quiet and took lots of notes. I just shook my head and I started murmuring profanities. I grabbed my portfolio violently and just sort of lingered. I was so angry. I didn’t like the way the young hotshot had spoken to me during my part of the presentation. He was an asshole! She gave me a sympathetic look and smiled.

“If it makes you feel any better, it’s not just you whose buttons he likes to push. It’s pretty much everyone. He’s got a big chip on his shoulder and behaves like a bull in order to get the job done.”

“That’s pretty ballsy of you… talking about your boss that way.”

“Oh… he’s not my boss. No. I work with him. My boss is his boss. I can fire him if I want. But he’s made every deal we’ve gotten so far bend in our favor. I’m not about to get rid of him.”

“Oh… so you’re the boss.”

“In a way. Yes. I’m his boss.”

She smiled the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen on someone wearing a business suit. What a suit! She had removed her jacket and the white button-down blouse was just that… buttoned down. Buttoned down to reveal a little cleavage. The kind of little bit that sends your brain into a frenzy. I could feel my blood flowing directly to my midsection. She laughed as I was forced to sit down.

“Charlie. Right?”

Damn she was so sexy to me at that moment. Hearing my name come from her mouth. I pretended to look at the fucking portfolio they had just destroyed as if it was going to make a difference.

“Yeah… Charlie.”

“You okay there? Need some water?”

Shit! This was my office, but she was coming to my rescue? How’d that happen? I was a mess. I was working up a sweat trying to cool down from the damn blood boiling in me. But I wasn’t thinking about Angela. I was thinking about her, the gorgeous creature across from me arranging documents in her briefcase. The woman who was calling herself the boss of the asshole, who had just belittled me in front of my peers. She, however, did not flinch one bit. She was gorgeously confident. She was very sexy and I think she knew, she understood, I was eyeing her like a wolf. She was beautiful, young. I’d say mid to late twenties. (Mel! You don’t give a shit if I have any details about the women you throw at me do you?) I didn’t dare ask her age though. She wore bangs which made her heavily lined green eyes seem wicked and boy was she alluring as hell.

“I’m fine. Mrs.…”

“Miss. Miss Phillips. You can call me Rachel.”

“Rachel.” I repeated.

I could not for the life of me get rid of the damn erection. She tucked her short brown wavy hair behind her ear and laughed. I’m sure she was laughing at me, though she didn’t say so, nor did she look my way as she was laughing. However, the fact that I was not able to say another word after uttering her name, I believe gave her a clue into my twisted thoughts. We didn’t speak after a while. It was silent though she kept eyeing me with a smile. Why was she still hanging around here? I was glad for her staying here and for the silence. It gave me time to imagine things I shouldn’t.

I thought about ripping the blouse open and nibbling on her breasts. I imagined her unzipping my pants right there in the board room, sliding her hand down my crotch while I kissed her. I felt like jumping across the table and… I was salivating at that point. Where was Angela? (Mel – you conveniently had me forget about her! Didn’t you!.) I didn’t even remember what she looked like, my own wife! (Thanks Mel! I don’t mean that in the nice way!) All I could see, breathe or want to feel was… Rachel.

I looked down at the document in front of me – jam packed full of crap! The paper became blank after a while, white. I could tell you that I calmed down after and that I walked out but no. She walked over to me slowly. I felt weak. I was a little out of breath. Damn… all Angela had to do was put her arm around my shoulder and I would pounce on her in the living room. Rachel. All I had to do was look at her. It was a bit much for me. I had to swallow several times and scoot a little further up to hide my condition. My suit was one of those new modern skinny looks. Not sure now what I was thinking letting that sales lady convince me of buying it. I guess you could say I’m a gullible idiot. Now it was just too tight on me. Oh God!

She smiled, bit her lip and leaned her back side on the table right next to me. I was face to face with her breasts under the sheer fabric of her blouse. I could see the outline of her bra through it. She kept biting her red lips and smiling. I was done, cooked. But nothing compared to the feeling, the rush I felt, when she put her right hand on my thigh and squeezed. I think I could have climaxed had I not been so nervous. Oh… she knew what she was doing.

“What do you say… you and I go out for a drink?”

My mouth was dry. I probably had my mouth open for a while but I had no more blood in my brain. I managed to utter something coherent. (Mel you’re something else woman!)

“I don’t… drink.”

“Oh. Good. I guess you don’t need to.”

I nodded, like an idiot, in response. (Damn you Mel!)

“Listen, I…”

Damn it! Before I could say much else I felt her lips on mine. They were succulent, tasty, and very passionate. At that point, I began to wonder why no one had walked in on us yet. Then it hit me. It was Friday. We’re very flexible here and I’m usually the last one to leave. I like to prepare for Monday and not come in all frazzled to start my day. Everyone was usually gone by 3:30 PM. It was a quarter passed four. I pulled her onto my lap and began to grope her uncontrollably. I hadn’t a clue where to put my hands but it seemed I was making all the right moves given her reaction. Such a sexy moan came out of her as I slipped my right hand up her skirt between her thighs. It was crazy good. She felt incredible and the thrill of it… amazing.

“Let’s get out of here Charlie. Please.” She whispered biting my ear.

I don’t know what came over me but I agreed without hesitation. She could have asked me to jump off a building, plummet to my death, I would have done it. I grabbed my stuff like a mad man. She smiled as if she had some insight into my brain. She probably did. I didn’t feel guilty at all. (Damn you Mel!) There was no one in the office except for one of the maintenance guys working on the coffee machine in the break room. We each got in our respective cars and I followed her to her place.

Angela? Well, it was Friday, we had argued and she was going out with her friend Carol. Dinner and a movie… without me. (Mel!) It had all been laid out for me all too conveniently. I was a free man. Was I? For some reason, I didn’t care. We arrived at a very nice sky rise downtown. I live in the suburbs. No kids but I enjoy having a back yard and barbecues. This doll was accustomed to high end living… no trimming the shrubs for her. It made me wonder, for an assistant, how much she must be getting paid to be living in a place like this. She smiled coyly, surprisingly, as I walked towards her from my car. I smiled back. We didn’t say a word. The adrenaline was getting to me and my freaking body reacted immediately. It was nuts how quickly she got to me. Again… I was always ready for it. (Screw you Mel!) It goes without saying how hot it would have been if we had made out during the elevator ride up but we just held hands. It was fun, like we were a couple of school kids. Not a care in the world.

“Come right in.”

She said with the voice of a vixen. All I had time to do is scan the place briefly. It was big, tenth floor and very modern. Not an ounce of sloppiness. Clean, straight lines, grey canvas with specks of color, red, here and there. She shut the door and I went at her against the wall in the foyer. I couldn’t catch my breath. Every ounce of me edged on her, pressing her against the wall. I tore her blouse open and just as I’d imagined, a pair of very voluptuous breasts screamed at me under a lacy bra. I tore that off as well. She reciprocated and within minutes I was in my briefs. She pointed in the direction of the bedroom. I flipped her over my shoulder. She yelled out with a girly laugh. She was light as a feather and smelled fresh, like flowers and citrus. It was a big bed. I delivered her hastily, anxious to pound her. I removed the remaining articles of clothing off her and proceeded to remove mine. She waited arching her back and spreading her legs. The excitement almost killed me.


I responded by rocking into her aggressively. The pleasure I felt, indescribable. Something between foreplay and… well it was the foreplay that build it up so. She gasped a little and pushed me off.

“Condom!” She exclaimed out of breath.

I was feeling dizzy, everything was spinning. I couldn’t see straight except that she had the ass of an angel. She tore the golden package open and proceeded to dress me with it. She was an expert. I hadn’t worn a condom for sex since college. I’m glad she thought of it though. I didn’t have any brain cells left in my head. They had all traveled down through my veins and were currently residing in my cock.

It was crazy how she let me fuck her. She was insatiable and I couldn’t get enough. Sweat, exhaustion… all of it soaked in her bed. I was worried I would finish before her but she was as into it as I was. She finally let out such a moan, loud, sexy, her body trembling a little. It was heaven to watch her quiver under me. She started laughing, opening her eyes wide at me. It was the sweet laughter of a woman fulfilled, satisfied. I smiled enjoying her. She pulled me down kissing me as I continued to rock into her, slowly, then faster, more forceful. And there, while my tongue swam in her mouth, I had a majestic experience. I was so dizzy that even after I stopped, I felt the room spin as my ears popped. I collapsed on her. She caressed the back of my head and kissed my neck.

“Charlie… “, she whispered playfully. “That was delicious.”

“You’re delicious… amazing.” I uttered out of breath.

My eyes were closed and as I opened them, the strand of gold around my left ring finger reminded me of something. As if I needed reminding. What the fuck did I just do? I felt sick.

“I think I’m going to throw up!”


“Bathroom! Quick!”

“Through there! Go! Don’t throw up on my towels please!”

I had cheated on my wife with a total stranger. I started going through all the scenarios. Rachel’s lover would find us and shoot me dead making Angela a widow and the laughing stock of the neighborhood. Wife discovers infidelity after husband’s death. Mel said that was too cliché, but I thought it was good. Next… I would get home and she would smell Rachel on me. She’d take a knife and stab me with it repeatedly. The police would catch her and she’d be acquitted due to being temporarily insane. Mel said it was too Fatal Attraction. Oh God! Fatal attraction. What if Rachel was psycho and she’d come after me and Angela. Death by affair, wife chopped into little pieces, husband’s penis cut off by scissors. Executive assistant gone mad. Okay so Mel laughed at me with that one.
I threw up twice. First my lunch – I have to stop eating Chinese for lunch. Then what looked like… bile.

“Charlie? Are you okay?”

I flushed the toilet and washed up as quickly as I could. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. I was disgusted with myself. (Mel… what is wrong with you!)

“I’m fine. Coming right out.”

I walked out after I swallowed some knots. I was naked and couldn’t come out to face the person I had just had sex with. This was a complete disaster. What the hell was wrong with me? She flung open the door holding the condom in her hand. How could you just handle a used condom that way? It was gross and I suddenly saw her in a different light. The condom was full though and she dangled it over her mouth. Gross! (Mel! You’re sick! You know that!) I tried not to make a face but I couldn’t help it. She laughed hysterically. What had I done! Why!

“I’ve got to go Rachel! I’m sorry. This was a mistake.”

“Charlie… it’s okay. It was a great time at the right time. I’m not telling as long as you don’t tell. Thank you. I really needed that.”

She said it as if I did her a favor. As if… she came on to me. She had no problem with what had just happened. How many others had there been? I bet she was the boss, in and out of the office. I couldn’t get out of there quickly enough. My clothes were strewn all over the place and after ten clumsy minutes trying to get dressed while Rachel watched with delight at my disheveled appearance, I was out. My throat was scratchy and I knew I couldn’t arrive home that way. I had to clean up and drink something sweet and then pop a mint. Mel said Angela would suspect my breath being too minty. Fine. Mints are out. I had several arguments with Mel about what had happened. She pretty much busted my balls and told me it was my fault. (You never take any responsibility woman!)

When I got home, Angela hadn’t arrived yet. Quarter passed eight. She would be late I guess. (Mel!) Then again, I was glad. I showered, threw a load of laundry in the wash, hoping to erase any trace of Rachel, and proceeded to eat some crackers to settle the knots in my stomach. I sat in the living room and put on a documentary. Those usually relax me. You’ve got to be kidding! Two lions mating. (Thanks a lot Mel!). Angela opened the door. She was early given the message I’d gotten from her. It was barely ten. She looked sad and for a moment I worried that she had met with Rachel and found out about what had happened.


“Hi Charlie.”

I wanted to throw up again.


“No. Me first.”

I was dreading what me first meant but she proceeded to explain how talking to Carol had helped her see that my getting a motorcycle wouldn’t be so bad. She was sweet and loving. She was understanding, accepting and it ate at my insides. The smile I loved resonated with each tender word she spoke. I was a dead man if I told her what I had just done. I didn’t. Saturday came and went, Sunday came and went. I was dying.
Then I had to get it all out of my chest with Mel and she suggested I come clean. So, I called in sick to work today, Monday. I want to tell Angela everything. Mel said she would work it out and so I’m here, waiting for Angela to come back from grocery shopping as she does every Monday. I bought her flowers and…


“Hi love.”

“Are you okay?”



“I called in. I want to spend time with you. I want us to talk. We need to talk.”

Her face went a little pale. As I took the grocery bags from her and placed them on the counter she began to cry. No, sob. Had she found out about what I had done? Did she think I was going to divorce her?

“Oh Charlie! I have to tell you something.”

“Okay… me too. I need to tell you something very serious.”

“Let me go first please or I’m afraid I won’t be able to live with myself much longer.”

I swallowed and swallowed again. Her eyes were red. I couldn’t believe I had been such an idiot cheating on her. She was such a delicate angel.

“Anything, my love, I’m listening.”

“I’ve been cheating on you.”

(Mel! Fucking hell!)

©2017, 2018 Mel Gutiér

This is the beginning of The Charlie.  In case you missed it, I lost some of these posts but finally did recover them. (Click here if you missed the post where I get all Charlie happy.) I’m so over the moon that I did!  I was going to backdate them but who cares… some of you might be new to this and some not.  In any case I’m starting them from post one and will repost until I get to the new post.  Charlie and I have a lot of fun with these.  I hope you will too.  Thanks so much for reading.

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