Dancing with Charlie

Previously – Charlie in my head

“Charlie? Hmm… Charlie! Oh my God! Are you okay? What are you doing laying on the concrete like that? Get up Charlie! Please get up!”

“Leave me alone!”

“Awe Charlie – please… I’m sorry.”

“No. You’re not! You’re not sorry! Leave… me… alone. Don’t you have some laundry to do or something?”

“Please Charlie you’re making me feel bad. Please get up darlin’.”

“I miss her. You… you did this… you knew she was cheating on me. You knew.”

“Okay. I knew. But I thought that it would hurt you less if you cheated on her too, before you found out about it. She was about to tell you. I stopped her. I felt bad for you.”

“Let me get this straight. This was your idea? You knew she was cheating and you thought I would feel better if I cheated before I found out she cheated?”


“You’re a fucking piece of work lady! I love her! You could have stopped her! You could have had her run back to me!”

“I couldn’t Charlie. She was so unhappy. Where is she anyway?”

“You’re asking me where she is? How the fuck should I know! You’re the one holding the pen. All I know is that she’s run off with the store manager from Target. No thanks to you!”

“Oh – right. I’m sorry. I know you love her. I know. But…”

“But nothing! You know… just… just leave me alone!”

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know… to find one of your Vampires. Maybe they’ll suck the life out of me and you can have them eat me after. I’m such a mess!”

“No, Charlie! Don’t go there. And you’re not a mess. You can put your life back together again. Everything will work out just fine. What about Rachel? You liked her. You two hit it off great.”

“You must be out of your fucking mind!”

“Didn’t you like her? Didn’t she work you up just right?”

“That’s it! You’ve lost it! Does your family know what’s in your head? Because… let me tell you something. Rachel disgusts me!”

“Charlie how can you say that! You seemed to be having a great time.”

“That was all in your head, Mel! She dangled a condom full of my sperm over her mouth!

It was cringe all over disgusting!”

“Well… I thought she was being playful. You brought out the playfulness in her. I know you’ll like her once you get to know her better.”

“Oh no, no, no! I’m not getting to know anyone better! I love Angela and I’m going to get her back!”

“I don’t know if that’s such a good…”


“Dance for me?”

“Oh boy— here we go again. No.”

“Pleeeease! Come on, dance.”

“Awe… Mel! Don’t give me those eyes! God! I love your eyes.”


“Fine. Which song?”

“You know the one.”

“No. I don’t. You tell me which one.”

“Charlie… don’t you remember? The one that was playing in my head when we met.”

“Oh. Got it. Am I dressed okay?”

“Perfect. I love you in jeans and a t-shirt. You’re perfect. Oh—wait! Let’s go back to your house. I want to sit in that comfy chair.”

“That’s my chair.”

“I know. I love that chair.”


“Umm… What are you waiting for?”

“I’m waiting for you to do your thing. I don’t know how to get back to my house without you. You’re the writer.”

“Oh—right. Snap!”

“Well, I gotta say… I do love this house and I love traveling in your head. Make yourself at home.”

“Don’t mind if I do. Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Cause unfortunately for me… you’re cute.”

“Oh gosh! Charlie! I am not.”

“You are. You’re fucked up but you’re cute.”

“Stop it now!”

“Why do you like that song so much?”

“Because you like it.”

“I do… Dance with me.”


“Come on! Dance with me. You know you want to.”

“Charlie. I…”

“Come on. Take my hand.”


“Atta girl!”

“Just for a while.”

“Yeah –just for a while… You smell nice.”

“Thanks. You’re so tall.”

“You’re so short.”

“Shut up! You do make me laugh… Quit looking at me that way. Please.”

“You quit looking at me that way! God Mel! I don’t know what madness this is but it feels good to be out of your head with you.”

“Awe… you’re so sweet. Where’s the music?”

“You tell me. Did you forget?”

“I guess.”

“Am I making you nervous?”

“A little.”

(I don’t know what it is about Charlie but there’s something remarkable about him. And being in his arms makes me wonder why Angela was so unhappy. He makes me happy.)

“Woman… you’re nuts! I can hear you.”


“I’m technically in your head. I just heard everything you said.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“No… but you were thinking it. I make you happy.”


“Why is there still no music?”

“Oh –right!”

(This is so much fun and he’s such a good dancer!)

“You are too. Damn girl! You can move!”

“Stop! You’re making me all mushy! I love it when you dip me.”

“Don’t mind if I spin you a little and pull… you… closer… Ugh!”

“Damn it Charlie!”

“Ugh… why on earth did you do that? Ah… ugh.”

“Squeezing my ass was not part of the deal!”

“But why the balls! Damn it! Are you sure I’m not real because… ugh!”

“Get up!”

“I can’t. That was the hardest knee I’ve ever felt in my life! And I’m pretty sure you liked me touching you that way.”

“No. I didn’t. I was just having fun –innocent fun!”

“Fun? You’re such a fiction slut! And you know it!”

“Okay. Now you’re starting to get on my nerves mister! You truly are!”

“Listen… just delete me. I’m no good. I feel like trash right now.”

“You’re not! Everything is going to work out. I promise.”

“I can’t do it. I can’t continue. I feel like shit!”

“Charlie! Get up! Pull yourself together man! I’m sorry for kneeing you in the balls. And I’m sorry that Angela left you and that you didn’t close the deal but…”

“Quit talking! Just… be quiet, Mel. It’s tiring dealing with you.”

“Charlie –I am sorry. The last thing I wanted to do is make you miserable. I promise you. Your life’s about to change and you’re going to be so happy. Promise.”

“What am I supposed to do now?”

“You’re going to pick yourself up. Get yourself cleaned up and march right back to the office and save that deal.”

“Fuck the deal! That was a benchmark quote! They don’t know what the hell they’re talking about it being too much for what we need to do to improve that line of business. Do you know what it takes to rehabilitate something like that? Where are you getting your information?”

“If you know so much, go save it! Everyone is counting on you.”

“You’re such a ball buster! I just need to tell you one thing.”


“I don’t know what kind of life you’ve had to get you to the point where you’re talking to yourself this way but… I’m begging you to put me out of my misery. Conjure up someone else for your fantasies.”

“I can’t Charlie. I love you too much.”

© 2017, 2018 by Mel Gutiér

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