Your way with me

It pulls me from myself

I become another but the same

It overwhelms my senses

It makes me go insane

Your voice trickles in my blood

My ears pop and my mouth waters

Seducing me, rendering me weak

I’m addicted to your ways

I swim from the void to fulfilled in every way

Coming and going on your string

A yoyo spinning out of control

You play me well, leaving me helpless

I’m lost

I don’t want to be found

Your way…

Your way…

This way you have of taking me

I’m under your spell

Keeping me away just enough

Missing you

I run back to you aching

My blood boiling

Intensely colored fire

Honey scented ardor

You give me pleasure

You give me pain

I would gladly live there


Between ecstasy and ache

You have this way with me



©2018 Mel Gutiér

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