Villain WIP Excerpt – Torture

“You haven’t a trace of villain in you. Why are you called such a thing?” She teased with a faint smile not wanting to give herself away too much.

“My father gave me the name after I stole his bow and arrow, then gave it to one of the gypsies during the Baltian War.” His answer was serious. He wanted her to see his intentions, his heart.

“Hmmm… A villain with a cause perhaps?”

“Perhaps.” He said closing in on her. His intense dark eyes fixed on the lines of her pink, plump mouth.

“You’re a strange creature… V.”

She whispered swallowing under her breath, mesmerized by his prison stare.  Villain’s silence was loud with heavy sighs. His warmth slowly encapsulating her against the wall. He continued to close in on her until only their breaths remained between them and the brown in their eyes locked the fire in. It was unlike him to do such a thing. His father taught him better. However, she was the one rule he was willing to break. His heart had never experienced the strain she provoked in him. This presumed enemy rendered him weak and as the scent of her perfume reached his lungs, he pulled her tightly towards him. His lips were firm and tender. Her mouth a sweet surrender. She abandoned all sense of duty. Her desire lay elsewhere now. She savored his affection as if her life depended on it. Villain felt her soothing bliss and torture as she slowly reached around his neck firmly fallowing his lead.  His hands clenched to the fabric of her coat, like a dead bolt locking her in. As the light of the moon slipped through the window of the Marie Cruz, the dance their tongues produced intensified.  All was forgotten.  The sweet villainous sounds of their music resonated in the splendor of dulcet abandon.  It was then his heart was turned and hers… opened wide.

©2019 Mel Gutiér

Just a side note on this.  This is not my only project, nor is it my main project.  It was not my intention to make this one a priority over the other but it seems this one calls on me more often than not.  I wonder if this is the story I should be focused on.  He is so strong in my head.  Sometimes I think this is the one, over any other… one.  Where ever this writing journey takes me, I’ll get there… eventually. In the mean time…

I am (still) writing.

Thanks for reading.  Hugs!


13 thoughts on “Villain WIP Excerpt – Torture

  1. The more snippets like this that I read, the more I understand the appeal of the Romance genre.

    *sputter*ERM, NOT LIKE I would actually READ one of those or anything. I like men-books! *pulls blanket back over head, keeps reading*

    If they’re on a boat like I think I read, this reminds me of two characters from my favorite fantasy series, one a brash and angry young man, the other a headstrong and angry young woman, both out to prove their worth to the world who spend basically a book-and-a-half out at sea not admitting that they’re hot for each other. We know how that goes. :p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alex!!! So nice to see you here. This is a started a while back. I’ve a couple of other Villain excerpts here and maybe I should have linked them. It is steam punk adventure/romance. It has got a little bit of everything and it is so much fun to write. I’ve battle scenes and fights and kisses… LOL! So much fun. They are on a ship. It floats in the air, very much with a bunch of wired mechanisms that make it a gem in the sky. Lots of machinery. The bow and arrow he spoke about is not your typical bow and arrow. It has both wind up and electronic mechanisms that make it work. They are wearing your typical steam punk costumes and have old timey guns that use lasers to deliver the bullets. LOL! Not your typical romance.

      You are sweet. Thank you for reblogging. You inspire me to continue the story. I think it is much more fun than my original WIP which is in edit/rewrite mode. Villain is my favorite right now.

      I wish I could get rid of some “life” so that I can have more time for my fiction. I love it so.

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