Skylar – The Other Side of the Moon 3: Miracle

Skylar – The other side of the MoonChapter 2

Skylar lay on her stomach on a cold metal bed in a small white room aboard Acadia’s mission pod. The pain she felt blistered the cold space while the sound of her trembling labored breath echoed throughout. She lingered to and from consciousness. The pressure on her stomach was a stinging pain, like that of a knife digging into her. The soft lights and beeping sounds lulled her confusion so that reality was a dream. The chaos in her head was heavy with questions yet none would be uttered. Her strength was depleted and time kept her a slave to her discomfort. Her sluggish breathing was interrupted by a few coughs, her body trembling from shock. A bit of blood slid down her left cheek from her mouth. Acadia swallowed at the sight of the living wound. A bit of fear slipped out in a breath. With her hearts racing and her blue skin turning a bit pale, she approached Skylar carefully. She was cautious not to frighten her.

“Skylar.” She said softly, taking special care not to show herself fully.

Skylar raised her head up toward the soft feminine voice. She was on the edge of life holding on with death closing in. Acadia could see the damage had been intense. There was blood everywhere. The monitor in front of her revealed two broken ribs and a broken pelvis. The scans also revealed internal bleeding in the stomach. Skylar’s face was swollen so severely, her soft features were indistinguishable. Acadia swallowed her uncertainty holding on the hope of discovery. Enox came up behind her, standing just a few feet away from the pair. His demeanor questioning the happenings. He wanted Acadia to be right. He too wished for balance, peace.

“Hel… heh… elp…”

“Skylar. Do not be afraid. You’re safe here. You have the power within you to come out of this. I feel it in my core.” Acadia pulled a small black pouch, about a foot long, from the left pocket of her coat.

“Acadia! No!”


“Acadia! Do you realize what you’re doing? This could finish her! You know the rules! I had no idea… the stones are to be bestowed upon by The See! How on earth…”

“The See do not have a clue about the stones. They’ve never had to use them. You of all people… Enox! You know our situation. You know how desperate it is. Why are you so opposed? Trust me. Trust me.”

“Help… who…” Skylar coughed. She was holding on by a thread. Acadia knew she had to act fast or risk losing her. Enox wanted to help her but he was too afraid of the consequences for himself and for Acadia.

“Acadia, how do you know… how can you be certain she will choose the right one?”

“If she is the one, then, she will choose correctly,” Acadia spoke with certainty but discomfort made itself at home in Enox and it took everything he had to keep from sabotaging Acadia’s plans. Acadia, however, had observed Skylar from birth and she felt in her hearts that she was the chosen one. The one who would save humanity and in turn restore balance in the universe.

“Skylar. Do you believe in miracles? Because, my dear child, you are one.”

Enox’s hearts were racing and his blue shell turned a bit grey. He swallowed several times as he watched Acadia open the black pouch revealing seven distinct metal stones. Each one with an insignia. Acadia laid the stones all in a row beside a weakening Skylar. Her eyes barely able to comprehend the dream she was in. The smell of sulfur filled the space. Skylar began to feel tingling under her skin. Acadia noticed the reaction and she smiled. Enox’s mouth opened in anticipation.

“Choose your weapon.” Acadia’s soft voice resonated inside Skylar’s head. She coughed once more letting out a bit more blood. She opened her eyes wide and one of the stones lit up like a star about to explode. Its yellow light strong and vibrant.

“Choose your weapon.” Acadia’s voice was deeper, firmer. The choice was obvious and it had been selected without hesitation. Skylar was fixed on the stone, her eyes glazed with effort. Enox became excited and let out a victorious smile. He could see… he could see.


Acadia exclaimed as if disciplining a child. Skylar knew without knowing. She was aware and unaware of the power she was using to choose the stone. Her mind. Something, an instinct, had taken a hold of her. The stone became brighter and began rising from its place. Skylar’s dark eyes widened her swollen face radiant beneath the bruises. She began to feel her body tense up. Every bit of muscle, every vein… every nerve stood at attention. It was as if a powerful force had taken over and she no longer had control. The stone circled around her as if to scan the corporal shelter. Shelter. It finally came face to face with her as if to challenge her. The engraved symbol was alive, a breathing sentient force, and Skylar was its equal. The stone took flight again, this time with such a force it created a whirlwind. Skylar’s body became even tenser and she cried out from the effort. The stone did not stop until it reached her forehead with such force it scorched her skin, penetrating it, disappearing into her. She screamed as the stone traveled through her brain down her spinal cord. It burned like electric shocks inside her and when it reached its resting place, she collapsed, her body convulsing, changing. A great disturbance came upon the pod. Enox caught Acadia from losing her balance. Skylar… the bruising, all the broken places… restored, new. The event ended and Skylar woke up vigorously causing her to jump back up against the wall with great force.

“Who are you? Where am I? Carlos?” Skylar felt a surge of energy as she spoke. She looked at her body, renewed, better… perfect. Her long brown hair… floating. Floating? Her feet were off the floor. It wasn’t due to the lack of gravity. Acadia smiled with tears in her eyes. Enox managed a smile as well. For the first time in many years, he was hopeful.

“Calm yourself. We mean you no harm. You’re on the Star Gate Terra, our mission pod. Who we are will be revealed to you when the time is right. At the moment, in the next chamber, you’re captain needs your help. He is dying. However, you can prevent that.”

“What have you done to me?”

“Skylar, you’ve done this to yourself. We are merely facilitators for what seems to be a very natural gift you possess. Don’t be frightened. All will be known at its rightful time. Your captain needs you now. If you wish to save him and return to your home, you should go to him now.”

Skylar could feel Carlos. A strange sensation of being pulled, directing her towards him, overwhelmed her. As frightened as she was, she wanted so much to make up for her mistake. She should have never rushed off neglecting his orders. The decision weighed heavily on her. As she approached an unconscious Carlos, she instinctively reached her hand out placing it on his wound. It was at that moment that she felt him. She felt his life rush before her, from his childhood to his being assigned as her mentor. It touched her, affecting her. She shook her head in disbelief, her glowing hand restoring Carlos back to health. It was as if he had never been touched. As he came to, Acadia locked eyes with Skylar.

“You can go home now and when the time is right I will call upon you again. You will know more then. For now… sleep.”

© 2019 Mel Gutiér

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