Some Kind of Heaven – Flashback to Prologue: Part 5

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This chapter is almost over.  I can’t believe how long it is.  All the chapters in this manuscript were this long or longer.  Were.  I’ve since changed a lot.  I feel it flows better and is not so long winded.  Honestly this labor of love has me growing as a writer.  My two protagonists are a mix of innocence and raw feels.  This scene also includes a song.  I added music throughout the story.  Obviously just the title and artist.  I like to make the reader interact with the story this way.

One thing to keep in mind, as much as this is a coming of age story, it is an adult love story rooted in a childhood bond.  It is their Some Kind of Heaven.  It was not my intention to be contreversial but to show how deeply close they are.  That feeling of knowing and not knowing how.  That innocence that feels pure affection. Raw affection.  That is how I see them.  How I know them.  Lastly, this is the beginning, the first book in a trilogy.  Their story goes on for two more books.  Better get cracking!

Hope you enjoy this part.  It is one of my favorite scenes.

… TWO YEARS LATER (Matl is 10 and Joseph is 15)

Matl sat on the lounger in the patio on the back of her house looking out at a pink sunset disappearing slowly into the night, waiting for Joseph in a peaceful state of contemplation. He received a telescope for his fifteenth birthday and wanted to show it to her. It was getting dark and it was a perfectly clear sky. Perfect for star gazing. Stargazing with Joseph. He rushed in through the back gate. He had asked Marcus to come as well but he refused. “You are so lame. Stargazing?” He told him. Of course, Angel invited himself but he was sick with fever and Alex kept him in bed. It was just going to be Matl and Joseph.

“Wow! You have so much equipment.”

“Yeah. Cool huh?”

He said smiling. She nodded and took the IPad as he handed it to her. He set the telescope up along with a camera. Matl had drawn a picture of the Big Dipper and Bootes in a night sky she had given Joseph a few weeks back. He thought it was perfect for tonight. They would be able to see both constellations tonight. She was pretty good at drawing. He was impressed by it. He stopped rummaging with the equipment as he noticed her staring at him with a smile.

“Are you okay Matl?”


“Why are you staring at me like that?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know… kind of funny.”

Coldplay – “Hypnotized”

Matl shrugged. She was speechless and she continued to stare. He kept noticing her looking at him funny as he said. He smiled and went to kiss her head. She sighed. His touch gave her an unusual feeling in her stomach, like butterflies. It was very different than anything she had felt before being close to him. She felt like she wanted him to kiss her head again. She wished for it looking at the sky and closing her eyes. Joseph noticed and he found himself in a trans looking at her with her eyes closed and her face towards heaven. She was Heaven herself. She is so pretty, he thought. She was only ten but he found that she was getting taller and more mature each day. She was not your typical ten-year-old. She opened her eyes and caught his gaze. They looked into each other’s eyes for a long while. It was an enchantment. Joseph couldn’t take his eyes off her. He was locked in and everything around him disappeared. Staring at her deeply, he leaned his hand on his telescope still in a trans, and it gave way. He fell back along with it. She jumped up from the lounger and walked over towards him.

“Gosh Joseph… Are you alright?”

“Um… yeah. I’m fine.”

She placed her hand gently on his arm and smiled. They looked into each other’s eyes again as he sat up. Her touch felt different to him now. She always cuddled and touched his face, his arms, his chest but this time it felt different. Now he had butterflies in his stomach.

“Are you sure you’re alright? You don’t look alright.”

She asked lovingly. He swallowed and suddenly he noticed her lips. The pink sunset sky was beginning to fade but her lips were still pink. That pink wouldn’t fade and it became engraved in his head like a dream, a sweet dream. He jumped up quickly before he would get lost in her face again.

“I’m fine. No worries. See!”

He stood up with a hop. He cleared his throat and smiled. She enjoyed looking at him. He was so tall. It was a very warm evening and he had on shorts and a black tank. She admired his strong arms and his hands. They were big compared to hers. She loved his eyes twinkling blue like baby blue twinkly stars. She wanted to tell him how nice looking he was. But she was smart, and she kept it to herself until tonight, she thought. She would tell him tonight at bedtime. He broke her gaze by getting back to the matter at hand. His mind was cloudy now, however. It was difficult for him to concentrate but then she always seemed to bring him back.

“So, we’re going to see the Big Dipper and Bootes?”

“Yeah… you want to press there and there when I tell you to. Okay?”

“Okay. Joseph this is so cool. Thank you for showing me.”

His smile spread with a blush. The hue burned on his cheeks. It was happiness… some kind of heaven, to experience her.

“Matl… you’re adorable. You don’t have to thank me. You’re my favorite person in the world. I love doing anything with you.”

It put a big smile on her face and she swallowed all her happy thoughts.

“Come here.”

He told her gently pulling her by the hand. She put the IPad down and got close to the telescope. It wasn’t exactly dark enough yet but it was a very clear sky and the constellations were evident.

“Look. See Bootes? Ice cream cone shape.”

He was close to her and he inhaled her closing his eyes as she looked through the telescope. His heart began to race. He felt confused with the new sensation she was causing in him. He couldn’t make sense of it. Matl pulled back from the telescope with a big smile.

“Wow! That is so cool. I can’t believe it! It does look exactly like a cone!”

She was so excited to share this with Joseph. The evening was turning out to be… perfect. Alex brought out some sandwiches and peeked in through the telescope herself. She was impressed at Matl’s knowledge of the constellations and she winked at Joseph. She knew he had a lot to do with provoking her curiosity. The entire evening was a series of gazes, gentle touches, and pure discovery. Discovery of the summer sky and the new sensations each was provoking in the other. Matl felt a little strange with it all but she liked it. Joseph, however, felt so confused. It was the first time he couldn’t really figure out what was happening inside him.



“You have hair!”


“Under your arms… you have hair like Marcus.”


He said softly and began to laugh.

“It happens.”

“Hair happens?”

“Yeah… you’ll get it too one day.”

“I know but… I’ve never noticed it on you before?”

“Everyone is different. I just sort of now got it. Sort of overnight. Does it bother you? My having hair.”

“Not really. I was just surprised. Can I touch it?”

“What? No. Why would you want to do that?”

“It looks interesting. Marcus won’t let me touch it for sure.”

“Okay… I guess. But don’t tickle me.”

He said with hesitation in his voice. They both laughed. He couldn’t help but oblige her. Matl was very curious about the hair. Joseph raised his left arm and she got close. His armpit smelled like aftershave. She liked the scent. She smiled and he closed his eyes cringing. He regretted letting her touch the hair under his arm. It was too late though. He couldn’t take it back. She touched it gently with her left forefinger. It was soft, interesting and weird.

“Okay… are you done now?”

He said with a hint of embarrassment in his voice. She giggled.

“Yes. That is really weird! Like… it looks like you have a mustache under there.”

She told him with such a sweet giggle. Joseph started laughing hysterically. Then he caught himself and became serious. He imagined her older. He wished she were older. He’d ask her out and they would have a lovely time. If only…

Matl couldn’t stop smiling.  There was a happiness to all her butterflies.  Then, gently as the night was setting in, she leaned into him on the lounger as he was looking at the summer night sky.  It was clear full of stars now. He put his arm around her in his silent tender way. Neither of them spoke. It was not needed.  It was their way.  Matl felt at ease with him.  Joseph… he was thinking. His mind running. He decided right then and there that he would he was not going to test out of any classes to graduate early. He wanted to stay in High School for three more years with Marcus. He knew he might be bored but he’d rather be close to Matl than leave her so soon. A little more time.  Time.

©2019 Mel Gutiér

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