Dancing in my T-Shirt after midnight, Twitter and editing my manuscript

You know me.  I like to take dancing breaks.  It helps to put me at ease.  Reboot.  I’ve always done it.  All my life, dancing alone in my room.  Still happens when I can manage it that is.  Tonight I was able to dance quite freely and my current mood is that of one who has escaped a sort of prison.  I created it. Twitter.  I started feeling out of control.  Like a kid in a candy store with more dark chocolate than I could ever have imagined.  70% or 80% will do thank you.  I mean there are so many talented, creative people out there and where once I would break out into hives at the sound of the word “prompt”, I was wanting to devour every single one available. So yeah… signed out of the app on my phone and off my laptop, for a while.  I need it.  I have an actual day job and life to tend to.  Ha! It’s a writer’s life for me but for now… I kind of need that day job.

Tonight I was so tempted to go back to Twitter so I started dancing to take my mind off of it.  I also started dancing because editing my manuscript is having me a bit frustrated.  I see the movie in my head but I can’t type fast enough.  My thoughts pour out like a waterfall.  I think I’m headed in the right direction.  It is just taking forever.  Still, I have a decent novel.  It just needs tweaking.  A few of you beta read part 1 for me a while back and I am so grateful because it helped me sort some things out.  This writer thing is something otherworldly for me, like a dream.  Writing makes me happy.

You know what? I’m falling in love with my story all over again, with my new eyes.  I’m a bit more seasoned as a writer.  (How long in this post have I been calling myself a writer?) I’ve been reading more and getting to know other writers.  I feel empowered and overall like I can do something well, complete a work worthy of publishing formally.  The wheels are turning.  I’m learning to organize myself better because I’m not at all organized.   I also feel like I worry too much.  I’m working on that. Still – Mel thoughts get the better of me sometimes. It’s all good and most of the time I just dance it off.

I’ma keep editing this baby.  I’ma just keep going. It’s all I can and want to do.

Hugs to you all!

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