Navigating the void #4

My heart is a serpent

Relentless hisser of pain

It breaks in the middle

Spreads its dark wings

Takes hold of me


Vomits on my spine

Convulses with my song

Flushes me out into the void

I float aimlessly

Confound with parasitic illusions

Succumbed to perpetual sloughing

Forever in denial

©2019 Mel Gutiér

7 thoughts on “Navigating the void #4

    1. You are lovely!!! I’m good! Thank you so much for stopping by. While life maybe difficult at times and my poetry does linger on the personal side, these are part of a series I will continue to explore. It is both a cathartic work but also… characterization. Not me but a product of my crazy head! Lol!

      These are part of a bigger project that I’m exploring. All will come to a head at some point!

      Thank you so much for your kind concern. You’ve made me smile. I hope to be empowered by your positivity. However, at this time I seem to only have time only to write, rather than read others. I do hope to catch up with everyone soon.

      Having said all that, I’m quite happy it made you nervous. Job done I think! 😂


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