How I breathe

I watch you in my heart

Throughout the day

Imagining being with you

Coloring the mundane together

Cooking our recipes of love in the kitchen of life

Writing out our lives in kisses

Tender and sweet

Reading our stories in each other’s eyes

Discussing stuff

Arguing about nothing

Just to kiss, and make up

Listening to you speak

As you narrate the story of your youth

Holding your hand

Smiling at you

While you tell me of favorite music

That touched you and shaped you

I swallow as I memorize your face

The movement of your lips

Absorbing you

Taking you in

Creating more pockets for me to keep you in

So I don’t forget you

So that I can go back

Take you out of each pocket

And love you there

In each part of me you possess

I am so grateful for you

It’s what I feel

It’s how I breathe

© 2019 Mel Gutiér

8 thoughts on “How I breathe

    1. You’re very kind. Thank you. Trying to get back here more. I’ve a complex life structure right now. That and working hard on polishing up my novel.

      Thanks so much for your visit and welcome, my lovely!

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